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iRBG-1: Radio Beacon with integrated GNSS and Battery

iMAR's Leading Inertial Products and Solutions for all Applications (INS/GNSS + X)

iRailLoc-C: Advanced Train Localization and Communication System

iPosCAL - ultra fast and accurate post-processing software for INS/GNSS/ODO data

iANARO HDD Steering Tool

iANARO: Horizontal Directional Drilling (next Generation)

iLIANE: LiDAR aided Navigation Equipment - Geo Localization without any GNSS

iPRENA and iPRENA-M: Most precise Navigation and Weapon Alignment (0.3 mil sec lat, RLG, ITAR-free)

iTHESEUS: System for fully autonomous Indoor Navigation

iATTHEMO-TRIDENT: Advanced Marine Gyro Compass System

iPRENA-M-H: DRU / MAPS Replacement (RLG based INS/GNSS Solution)

iiTSV-KIA-NIRO: Fully automated driving vehicle for proving ground automation and logistics applications

iTSV-KIA-NIRO: Fully Automated Vehicle for Proving Ground Instrumentation & Platooning

Traffic Scenario with VUT (Volkswagen AG) and fully automated driving TSV (KIA), driven by iMAR's Navigation, Guidance & Control

iSWACO-ARGUS: Testing PAD / HAD / FAD Vehicles on the Proving Ground up to SAE Level 5

iTraceRT-MVT: Systems for automotive testing, covering all classes of performance

iTraceRT-MVT: Class Leading INS/GNSS/+ Solutions for Motion Dynamics Analysis, Vehicle Tracking & Steering

iMAR Navigation: iATTHEMO-TRIDENT-H Marine Gyro Compass + Motion Reference Unit + GNSS

Gyro Compassing and GNSS Compassing Systems (output of true heading, position & speed)

iXCOM-CMD: Command Software and GUI for all iNAT and similar INS/GNSS Systems

iNAT-M300 Small Light Weight MEMS Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (500 Hz)

iARGUS-CMD: Traffic Scenario Definition, Execution on the Proving Ground and Visualization

iARGUS-CMD: Traffic Scenario Planning, Verification, Execution & Visualization Software

iDMN-OHS: Dynamic Mesh Communication Network - Object Mounted HotSpot, mounted on car's roof

iDMN: Dynamic Mesh Communication Network

iNAT-U200/RLD Ultra Light Weight INS for Navigation, Surveying & Control (500 Hz)

iMAR Navigation: iATTHEMO-M  True Heading INS for Naval and Marine Applications

iATTHEMO-M: Economic True Heading, Attitude, Position, Velocity Sensor for Ride Control and Stabilization for Fast Ferries and Naval Vessels

iNAT-RQT-400x: RLG Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (0.001 °/sqrt(hr); ITAR free)

iSYNC: Module for accurate signal time stamping for IMU / GNSS / camera / laserscanner / odometer synchronization

iSYNC: Module for Most Accurate Synchronous Time Stamping

iNAT-FSLG-01: FOG Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (0.1 °/h, 1'000 Hz)

iNAT-FSSG-1: FOG Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (1 °/h, 1'000 Hz)

iNetGo: Data Modem for GNSS GBAS Data Distribution

iNetGo: Data Modem to receive GNSS Corrections via NTRIP


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