We solve your Tasks in Localization, Guidance, Control and Integration Engineering

Whatever is your Challenge in Automation & Control - iMAR provides the holistic Solution  Whether you need an inertial measurement system or a complete solution for your application - our stro...

Inertial Solutions for Land Applications

iMAR Solutions and Systems for Land Applications: Automotive (vehicle testing equipment and vehicle guidance & control), Railway Surveying and ATO, Defence, Surveying & Mapping, Dril...

Inertial Solutions for Sea and Subsea Applications

iMAR Solutions and Systems for Sea and Subsea Applications: Ship Navigation & Stabilization (naval vessels, ferries, workships, yachts) Subsea Navigation for AUVs, ROVs, Submarines, Defenc...

Inertial Solutions for Airborne Applications

iMAR Solutions and Systems for Airborne Applications: Surveying (with INS/GNSS systems of all classes of accuracy, MEMS, FOG, HRG, RLG), UAV Navigation and Control, Defence, Air Vehicle Track...

Pedestals and Gyro Stabilized Platforms

iMAR Solutions and Systems for Gyro Stabilized Platforms and Target Tracking: Target Tracking Systems, Defence, Gyro stabilized platforms for antennas, Gyro stabilized pedestals for optical p...

Inertial Solutions for Surveying Applications

iMAR Solutions for Surveying Tasks: Gravimetry / Gradiometry, Track Survey, Motion Dynamics Analysis, Automotive Testing on Proving Ground and on public Roads, Aircraft Testing, Training Air...

High Precision INS/GNSS inertial Localization & Control Systems for all Applications

iNAT-RQT / iNAV-FSLG / iNAT-FSSG: High performance ring-laser gyro  and fiber optic gyro based navigation systems for surveying, stabilization, tracking, navigation, guidance and control tasks. Rea...

MEMS based INS/GNSS inertial Localization & Control Systems for all Applications

iNAT-M300 and iNAT-U200: Small size / low weight tightly coupled or loosely coupled INS/GNSS system with up to 500 Hz data rate; MEMS based, RTK version with 2 cm accuracy, up to 128 GByte non-vola...

Geo Localization within GNSS Denied Environment

iPRENA and iNAT: Small size / low weight inertial solutions for geo localization in GNSS denied environment. The pure inertial solution (no GNSS, no landmarks, no wheel sensor, no RF aidings) to ac...

Holistic testing instrumentation for automotive testing on proving grounds up to SAE level 5

iTraceRT-MVT: This is the series of INS/GNSS based measurement systems for most accurate inertial based ground truth determination of mannned and unmanned road vehicles worldwide, in the real world...

Military Vehicles: Navigation, Localization, Guidance & Control

INS/GNSS Systems for Military Vehicles: From "Support & Logistics" (iSULONA) over "Combat Navigation" (iCOMBANA) up to "Precision Navigation" (iPRENA) all classes of systems for vehicle naviga...

Heavy Trucks, Construction Machineries, Mining: Navigation, Localization, Guidance & Control

INS/GNSS Systems for Heavy Trucks, Mining and Construction Machineries: The iNAT-M-II / -III / -IV series covers applications, which require highest accuracy and reliability under challenging envi...

Railway Surveying, Train Geo-Locationing, Train Integrity Monitoring

INS/GNSS/ODO/xxx systems for railway surveying, train locationing applications, end-of-train detection, ground truth references, ETCS expansion systems, customized solutions Products: iRailLoc, iN...

Inertial Reference Systems for SAR, LIDAR, Photogrammetry and Gravimetry Applications

Inertial measurement systems for high accurate surveying, SAR, LiDAR, photogrammetry, gravimetry / gradiometry and general surveying applications

Airborne Strapdown Gravimetry Disturbances Surveying Systems

Most compact and reliable surveying systems for airborne gravimetrc disturbances surveying for tasks of resource exploration and geophysics. The systemsof iCORUS family, based in an iMAR's leading ...

Avionics Systems and Sensors

Navigation Systems and AHRS for UAVs, Military Airbone Applications and General Aviation as well as for Trainer Aircrafts and for Surveying Tasks. All technologies (fiber optical gyros (FOG), MEMS ...

Aircraft Testing

Navigation Systems for Aircraft Testing (commercial and military)

Aviation, Stabilization and Aerial Surveying

Attitude Heading Reference Systems and Vertical Reference Systems for Aviation (iNAT), for Missile Approach Warning Systems , Systems for Surveying, Stabilization (iIPSC) and Gravimetry (iCORUS)

Gyro Stabilized Antenna Systems for Naval and Surface Vessels

iIPSC-ANTRAD: Gyro stabilized platforms, pedestals and turrets for antenna systems, for moving naval and surface vessels and standard or customized antenna payloads (azimuth stabilizer or azimuth/e...

Gyro Stabilized Antenna Platforms

iIPSC-MSG-130: Gyro stabilized platform for RF antennas or EO/IR devices (daylight / night vision cameras, laser ranger); designed for easy integration of customer specific payloads

Gyro Stabilized Target Trackers (EO/IR, EOTS)

iIPSC-MSG: Gyro stabilized Pedestals, gimbals, turrets for electro-optical / infrared payloads (EO/IR) with daylight / night vision cameras, laser ranger, high-speed camera, laser designator (optio...

Stabilized Platforms - also customized

iIPSC-SLP: Stabilized Launching Platform as an example of customized solutions

Stabilized Marine Platforms

iIPSC-PT and iIPSC-MSG: stabilized platform for antenna payloads from light to heavy weight, also combined with optical devices. Customized versions available.  

Weapon Stabilization

Gyro based gun stabilization including drive control and geo-referencing

Indoor Navigation for Pedestrians, Special Forces ad walking Robots - Solutions for GNSS Denied Environment

Indoor navigation system for applications, where reliable localization in 3D in buildings or even outdoor is required without the need / availability of any infrastructure (i.e. no radio based loca...

Tools for Construction Areas: Drillhead Localization for HDD; Fast True North Reference Tools

iPST, iANARO: Inertial measurement systems for machinery control,  horizontal directional drilling, vertical drilling, drill head steering and surveying in most difficult environment.      

Pipeline Inspection: Surveying and Localization

iPST-FSSG / iPST-RQT: Pipeline Surveying and Pig Localization System (to be installed on a pig) iFOG-IMU: Fiber optical gyro based IMUs for pipeline inspection

Torpedo Navigation and Control

iTNAV-06: Torpedo navigation systems, used e.g. on DM2A4 Seahake / Seehecht Heavy Weight Torpedos on German U212 submarines and in many other navies worldwide.

Naval and Marine Navigation Systems with high Accuracy and Reliability

iATTHEMO-TRIDENT: high precision navigation systems for tasks which require a very high resolution, low noise, very long life time and last but not least a fast gyro compassing iTNAV: Advanced Tor...

Ship Stabilization and Ride Control Systems for fast Ferries and Service Vessels

iSSMC: Ship Stabilization and Motion Control Systems, DP Systems

Naval Applications, Ship Stabilization, Ride Control, Gyro Compass Systems

High precision navigation systems for naval applications, systems for navigation, true heading, gyro compassing, stabilization, fire control reference, automatic ride control (iATTHEMO-TRIDENT)

GNSS Antennas

iANT: GNSS antennas for all applications, also adapted for specific environments (ground plane, semi-chokering, cable etc.) 

GNSS Reference Stations

iREF-GNSS-PRO, iREF-GNSS-BASIC, iREF-M200, iRRR: GNSS Reference Stations or Base Stations to improve GNSS performance on moving vessels (RTK) by distribution of correction data. Incl. wireless data...

3D Transfer Alignment Systems (3 D Spirit Levels)

Gyro based transfer alignment systems to calibrate gun kinematics or to align optical sensor, radar antennas or guns on helicopters, aircrafts and naval vessels.

3 D Transfer Alignment Systems

iPEGASUS: 3D Alignment and angular reference system (alignment of rollers, shafts, sensors, guns...) for naval, aircraft building, gun calibration and industrial applications.

Rate Tables with special features

iTES-PDT07: rate table for MEMS gyro testing iTURN: Rate tables with self-balancing feature and fiber optical rotary joints

Multi Axes Rate Tables for MEMS Inertial Sensor Testing

iTURN-3-S1: rate table for precise MEMS gyro and accelerometer testing

OEM Systems with integrated INS/GNSS/ODO sensor data fusion (w/o enclosure)

iNAT-M200-FLAT: Very small size / low weight tightly coupled or loosely coupled or deeply coupled INS/GNSS system with up to 500 Hz data rate; MEMS based, RTK version with 2 cm accuracy, up to 128 ...

Ultra flat systems (with enclosure)

iNAT-M200-FLAT: Very small size / low weight tightly coupled or loosely coupled or deeply coupled INS/GNSS system with up to 500 Hz data rate; MEMS based, RTK version with 2 cm accuracy, up to ...
iNAT-CFM-5 / iNAT-MM: Miniaturied INS/GNSS system

Small FOG based INS/GNSS Systems

iNAT-CFM-5: FOG based INS/GNSS system with optional odometer interface for advanced Applications, with RS422, CAN, Ethernet interface. Design according to DAL-D (Aviation)

SPAN based INS/GNSS systems

iTraceRT-F402/7: Small size / low weight INS/GNSS system with 400 Hz internal data rate, FOG based, 2 cm accuracy for standard automotive applications. GNSS Core: NovAtel SPAN (SPAN is a trademark ...

IMUs with inertial sensors and optional odometer interface

iIMU-FSAS: Tactical grade inertial measurement units of class 1 deg/hr / 2 mg with fiber optical gyros and servo accelerometers with synchronized odometer inteface; IP68  iFOG-IMU: IMUs in fi...


iMAG-DMC-LS, iTHAS: miniature magnetometer for robust applications (to be used for iNAT and iVRU) in General Aviation, Airforce and general navigation tasksM iTHAS comes with integrated IMU an...

Data Modem and Mesh Networks

iNetGo: Fully automated Data Mdem to receive 2G/3G GNSS GBAS Corrections iNetGo+: Fully automated Data Mdem to receive 2G/3G/LTE GNSS GBAS Corrections; enhanced interface iDMN: Dynamic Mesh Commu...


iVRU-CB-M: Small MEMS based Vertical Reference Unit for attitude / heading determination for UAVs, land and marine vehicles with integrated GPS and odometer Interface. This device is in production ...

iVRU-Fx / iVRU-Sx

iVRU: Vertical reference units for attitude / heading / heave determination with FOG / MEMS sensors, odometer interface, integrated GPS Hint: For new projects use iNAT-CFM-5, iNAT-M200 and iNAT-U200


iDIS-FMS: Inertial Measuring Systems with Fiber Optical Gyros for Automotive Testing Applications  Hint: For new projects use e.g. iNAT-FSSG-1 or iNAT-FSLG-01


iNAV-FMS: Inertial measuring system of class 1 deg/hr / 2 mg with data storage capability and RTK-GPS for general monitoring, navigation and stabilization applications for defence, aviation and ind...


iSCU: Stabilization and Control Unit - general purpose device for stabilization of guns, trackers, ships with sensor and actuator interfaces iSSMC: Ship Stabilization and Motion Control Systems


iMGYR: single axis MEMS gyro with additional odometer interface, Hnt: For new designs use iNAT-U200 or iNAT-M200 devices.


iOLFOG-S-D: single axis fiber optical gyro with additional odometer interface Hint: For new designs use iNAT-U200 or iNAT-M200


iPowerBox: Miniature Uninterrupted Power Supply for Automotive Testing (to keep the INS / IMS alive if the vehicle's engine is re-started and the car's battery voltage  drops down). ...


iDRPOS.32: Dead-reckoning system for road surveying applications with fiber optic gyro, odometer interface and GPS. Hint: For new designs use iNAT-M200/SLN, iNAT-CFM+ or iNAT-U200


iTGAC-F: triaxial gyro and accelerometer cube with pure analog outputs  Hint: This product s out of production and maintenance since 2015. For new designs use iNAT-M200 or iNAT-U200 devices.
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