iANARO - Gyro based Drillhead Localization

iANARO - Gyro based Drillhead Localization

Advanced Gyro Based Localization & Guidance Tool for Horizntal Directional Drilling (HDD)

iANARO HDD Steering Tool

iANARO: Horizontal Directional Drilling (next Generation)

iNAT-M-II / -III / -IV with integrated protection against very high vibration and shock impacts. Heavy version for trucks and mining /tunneling machineries

iNAT-M-II / -III / -IV: Highly Shock & Vibration hardened Navigation, Surveying & Control System (0.001 °/sqrt(hr); ITAR free)

Communication Assistance: Python Client, ROS 2 node, SDK C++, WireShark Dissector for all iMAR systems communicating via iXCOM Protocol

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