iCORUS Strapdown Airborne Gravimeter Systems

Low Weight & Small Size & Easy to Use High Precision Strapdown Airborne Gravimeter Systems

iCORUS is a family of light weight accurate strapdown airborne gravimeters with about 1 mGal accuracy (RMS). 

iCORUS provides gravi­me­tric disturbances measure­ments, gyro com­pas­sing, iner­tial navigation, sur­vey­ing, guidance and sta­bi­lization. It contains dedicated, high performance gyros and accelerometers, an advanced GNSS engine and a dedicated signal acquisition and processing, based on iMAR's more than 30 years experience in manufacturing highly accurate inertial measurement systems for surveying, navigation and control. iCORUS also shows significant weight advantages against other systems.  

iCORUS covers appli­cations, which require high ac­cu­racy, reli­ability, a flexible in­ter­face and easy integration and usage.

Field results and scientific papers regarding performed gravimetric campaigns using iMAR technology (excerpt):  See section "Further Information".

Please ask iMAR sales engineers for further information and also for customized solutions.

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