iVRU-CB-M: Inertial Measurement System with integrated Strapdown Data Fusion with Odometer Interface and integrated L1 GPS

Vertical Reference Unit with MEMS Gyros, MEMS Accelerometers, Odometer I/F, integrated GPS and Strapdown Processor

With iVRU-CB-M a vertical reference and navigation unit / IMS with integrated L1 GPS engine and advanced 15+ state Kalman filter based data fusion is provided for applications which require medium accuracy and simple using.

The iVRU-CB-M is a triaxial system with three orthogonal mounted MEMS gyroscopes, three MEMS accelerometers, GPS engine and an integrated powerful micro-processor with high resolution sensor data digitization to provide digital data transmission (CAN, RS232, RS422) and extended internal error modelling. As a further Option an external GPS / magnetometer can be provided as well as an integrated speed sensor interface to achieve higher performance also in difficult environment.

Features of iVRU-CB-M

  •  Three MEMS based rate gyros and three accelerometers (+/- 300 deg/s, 4 g)
  • < 0.002 deg/s bias stability (short term, const. temp) and 0.2 deg/s over temperature range (OTR)
  • CAN / RS232 / RS422 interfaces (options)
  • Sync Input / Trigger Output available
  • Integrated L1 GPS receiver as option (or external GPS engine)
  • Odometer interface as option
  • Navigation, Guidance and Control, AHRS; 15+ state integrated Kalman filter based IMS/GNSS data fusion

Further information:

Datasheet iVRU-CB-M with higher rate range MEMS gyros

Test Report: Flight Test Data Analysis of iVRU-CB-M (MEMS)vs. SPAN-CPT (FOG) and SPAN-HG1700 (RLG)
Test Report: Field Test Data Analysis of iVRU-CB-M

Datasheet iVRU-FC with fiber optic gyros and MEMS accelerometers
Datasheet iVRU-FQ with fiber optic gyros and servo accelerometers

Hint: For new designs use our system iNAT-U200/RLD-CB-DA, which can be provided as a 100 % form-fit-function (FFF) replacement on request.

Weitere Informationen

iNAT-U200/RLD-CB-DA: full FFF replacement for iVRU-CB-M, which is now in production for more than 20 years and installed on many thousands of vehicles and target drones.

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