• DWT 2024
    Vom 19. bis 21. März 2024 stellen iMAR Navigation GmbH und Spezial-EMV GmbH ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen auf der Tagung der DWT für Angewandte Forschung für Verteidigung und Sicherheit in Deutschland in Bonn (Maritim Hotel) aus.

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  • Symposium Inertial Sensors and Applications (DGON  ISA  2024)
    Meet iMAR at the International Symposium "Inertial Sensors and Applications" DGON ISA 2024, every year in September in Braunschweig / Germany, the superior European conference where the worldwide experts for inertial sensor development and manufacturing technology, the leadng designers of inertial applications and the research community of inertial technologies are meeting every year to exchange the latest results.

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  • Qrcode
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  • IPG Open House
    During IPG's Open House Exhibition at March 12, 2024 iMAR presents its leading technologies for automotive testing in Positioning, Navigation, Timinging (iTraceRT) as well as in proving ground automation (iSWACO-ARGUS) in Karlsruhe.

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  • Automotive Testing
    Automotive Testing Expo is the world’s leading international expo for every aspect of automotive testing, development and validation technologies. Automotive Testing Expo will take place June 4, 5 & 6, 2024 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany. We will present our solutions at booth 8336. Please arrange a meeting appointment with us.

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    iMAR's EMI/EMC Lab performes DAkkS ISO 17025 Accreditation Audit

    05. April 2024
    We are proud to announce that our EMI/EMC Test Lab  as a daughter company of iMAR Navigation has successfully performed the accreditation audit of DAkkS at March, 25./26. 2024 regarding ISO 17025:2017 at the new facilities in St. Ingbert. We expect the accreditation certificate shortly.   The ba...

    iMAR exhibits at DWT Symposium during March 19-21 in Bonn / Germany

    15. März 2024
    Angewandte Forschung für Verteidigung und Sicherheit in Deutschland Zukunft durch Forschung und Technologie gestalten 19.-21. März 2024 | Hotel Maritim Bonn ...ist die größte und umfassendste Forschungskonferenz für Verteidigung und Sicherheit in Deutschland. Sie richtet sich an Angehörige der...

    25+ high performance iPRENA-M-T delivered for COBRA Major Mid-Life Update

    15. März 2024
    In Q1/2024 iMAR Navigation GmbH has delivered 25+ high performance inertial navigation systems to ESG (Germany ) for the major mid-life upgrade of the COBRA Counter Battery Radar. This is already the second major batch of systems for this weapon system. The contract included the customization a...

    iNAT-CFM-5: Next Generation IMS for advanced Missile Protection System

    27. Februar 2024
    With a derivation of the product iVRU-FC, for more than 15 years iMAR provides a customer specific AHRS solution for a leading European advanced missile protection system. This can be used both on aircrafts and on land vehicles. Now, after finalization of a major redesign of the AHRS, in Februar...

    iLIANE: iMAR launches two example videos for geo locationing in GNSS denied areas with INS+LiDAR

    24. Februar 2024
    Watch the published videos and contact us to improve yur localization in GNSS denied environment. iLIANE is a leading solution for geo localization in GNSS denied environment. This video shows the setup (specific LiDAR sensor +and leading iNAT-M300 or iNAT-U200  inertial system) and some example...

    600 units iTNAV-06 Guidance & Control Systems delivered for German Heavy Weight Torpedoes

    02. Februar 2024
    For more than 20 years iMAR manufactures and deliveres the highly accurate and robust inertial navigation and control systems iTNAV-06 for torpedoes into many naval applications worldwide. In January 2024 the manufacturing of the 600th system of type iTNAV-06 had been counted.  With the continuo...

    iMAR launches iRRR Reference Receiver Rack (GNSS RTK Base Station)

    14. Januar 2024
    iMAR’s iRRR is a robust, high performance RTK GNSS Base Station dedicated for stationary installation within a 19” rack for professional applications. The iRRR’s integrated GNSS receiver operates in Fix Position Mode and generates RTCM correction data in comparison to its known position. The iRR...

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year / Frohe Weihnachten

    15. Dezember 2023
    Sehr geehrte Geschäftspartner:innen unseres Hauses! Dear Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners! Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihren Kollegen  im Namen des gesamten iMAR-Teams ein frohes, besinnliches Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Start in das Neue Jahr 2024! We wish you and your colleagues a m...

    iMAR presents iCORUS advanced Strapdown Airborne Gravimeters at AGU 2023

    11. Dezember 2023
    We cordially invite you to visit our booth at the international exhibition of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, taking place from the 11th to the 15th of December 2023. We are proud to showcase our leading products, iCORUS [Strapdown Airborne Gravity Gradiometer and Shipbo...

    iMAR is PLATIN sponsor at carhs ADAS experience Sept. 26-27 at DEKRA Lausitzring

    16. September 2023
    At ADAS experience iMAR provides best-of-class INS/GNSS systems for automotive motion measurement and vehicle control. Beside of this, iMAR will present the holistic toolchain for scenario based testing of automated driving vehicles on the proving ground. The event will be hosted by DEKRA on the...

    30th anniversary of iMAR Navigation GmbH and new EMI/EMC Lab Building

    08. September 2023
    Im Februar 1993, vor nunmehr 30 Jahren, haben wir die iMAR Navigation GmbH damals unter dem Namen "iMAR Gesellschaft für inertiale Mess-, Automatisierungs- und Regelsysteme mbH" im Handelsregister zu Saarbrücken offiziell registriert. Am 8. September 2023 haben wir unser 30-jähriges Jubiläum und...

    AVL demonstrates autonomous driving bus AutBus using iMAR's localization technology

    17. Juli 2023
    On July 13, 2023 AVL demonstrated their new autonomous people mover AutBus in Roding in Germany. We congratulate AVL on this great success! The AVL system uses iMAR's iNAT INS/GNSS localization solution to solve this challenging task. Thanks to iMAR's very user friendly interface via ROS 2 node...

    iMAR presents advanced Strapdown Gravimeters at IUGG 2023

    11. Juli 2023
    We cordially invite you to visit our booth at the International Geophysics Exhibition (IUGG) in Berlin, taking place from the 11th to the 20th of July 2023. We are proud to showcase our leading products, iCORUS [Strapdown Airborne Gravity Gradiometer and Shipborne Gravometer] and iPosCAL-Grav [ad...

    iMAR demonstrates technology within people mover localization in UNICARagil

    13. Mai 2023
    Germany's leading universities in field of automated driving have joined forces with selected specialists from industry in the BMBF funded UNICARagil project to rethink automated vehicles and their architecture. Based on the latest research on connected and automated driving, disruptive modular a...

    Boston Dynamics' quadruped walking robot SPOT localized by iMAR's iTHESEUS

    08. April 2023
    iMAR Navigation has adapted its iTHESEUS Indoor Navigation System to be able to track and localize walking robots in buildings, tunnels and basements, where neither GNSS nor any other RF or optical based systems are available for aiding the localization task.   Have a look to the following video...

    Navigation System for fastest Tunnel Boring Machine worldwide? - yes!

    19. Februar 2023
    Since 2005 iMAR is a leader of most accurate drill head navigation tools for horizontal directional drilling (HDD). iMAR is proud to significantly support the Boring Team of the TU Munich to win also the next Not-a-Boring Competition 2023, after they won already the last competition. Further sig...

    iCORUS Airborne Gravimeter supports Resource Exploration Tasks also in R&D

    15. Januar 2023
    Together with several project partners iMAR is involved in DESMEX-REAL, an R&D project partially funded by the German Government. In DESMEX-REAL, iMAR provides its leading technology for gravimetric disturbance surveying (sensors as well as data processing) inside of the partner's overall geo...

    iMAR ist Koordinator des BMBF-Leuchtturmprojektes AeroQGrav (Inertial Quantum Sensors)

    05. Januar 2023
    Wir freuen uns, den Start unseres Projektes AeroQGrav bekanntgeben zu können. Das Verbund-Projekt Absolute Aero Quantengravimetrie "AeroQGrav" mit einem Projektumfang von knapp 10 Mio. € wird als Leuchtturmprojekt im Rahmen des Forschungsschwerpunktes "Quantenbasierte Messtechnik zur Bewältigung ...

    New EMI/EMC Lab Building of Spezial-EMV GmbH goes operational

    24. Oktober 2022
    We are proud to announce that the new EMI/EMC Test Lab building of Spezial-EMV GmbH goes into operation now after an errection time of only 13 months. Spezial-EMV GmbH is a 100 % daughter of iMAR Navigation GmbH and provides EMI/EMC system qualification, certification and, together with iMAR, EMI...

    Siemens and SBB will use iMAR's Ground Truth iNAT-RQT on DOMINO Train Lab

    22. Oktober 2022
    As an follow-up of the European CLUG research project, SIEMENS Mobility and SBB decide to use iMAR's iNAT-RQT-4003, a worldwide leading INS/GNSS/ODO solution, as Ground Truth on the DOMINO test train. iNAT-RQT-4003 will be equipped additionally to the standard setup with an interface to detect an...

    iMAR is contracted to deliver more than 20 strapdown airborne gravity gradiometers of family iCORUS in 2023

    20. Oktober 2022
    Since several years iMAR demonstrates its outstanding performance in manufacturing strapdown airborne gravimeters of its system family iCORUS, together with its data processing software iPosCAL-GRAV to provide high performance measurements of gravimetry disturbances.  Recently iMAR signed a cont...

    ISO 17025 - why or why not?

    12. Juli 2022
    iMAR ist zertifiziert nach EN 9100 und EASA Part 21G und ISO 9001 und sieht aktuell keinen technischen Vorteil für unsere Kunden in einer Akkreditierung gemäß ISO 17025. Warum? Weil diese Akkreditierung für die Kalibrierung von Inertialmesssystemen aufgrund vieler Gründen nicht zielführend ist. ...

    Airbus is testing its new A321XLR with iMAR Reference Measuring Technology

    23. Juni 2022
    We are pround that Airbuss tests and certifies also its latest aircraft AIRBUS 321XLR with our inertial measurement systems of type iNAT-FSLG-01 and iNAT-M200. iNAT is a series of INS/GNSS systems with outstanding performance regarding position, velocity, attitude /heading, angular rate, acceler...

    iMAR präsentiert zusammen mit CARIAD / AUDI Prüfgelände-Toolkette iSWACO-ARGUS (AFGBV)

    10. Mai 2022
    Auf der VDI Tagung im Mai 2022 in Aachen "Fahrerassistenzsysteme und automatisiertes Fahren" haben iMAR und CARIAD / AUDI und IPG die Toolkette zur Prüfgelände-Automatisierung iSWACO-ARGUS einem großen, interessierten Fachpublikum präsentiert. iSWACO-ARGUS ist ein marktführendes, ganzheitliches l...

    Digitales Testfeld für Schifffahrt: iMAR kooperiert mit Unleash-Future-Boats

    30. März 2022
    Die Binnenschifffahrt wird durch Digitalisierung, Vernetzung und ökologische wie auch klimapolitische Zielvorgaben einen großen Wandel erfahren. Eine wesentliche Rolle wird dabei die Automatisierung der Fahrmanöver spielen, bis hin zur Etablierung vollständig autonomer Boote und Schiffe. Dabei ko...

    iSWACO-ARGUS: Validierung automatisierter Fahrzeuge gemäß Drucksache 86/22 des Deutschen Bundesrates (AFGBV)

    28. Februar 2022
    Bereits 2014 hat iMAR die Grundlagen zur eigenen Entwicklung der Toolkette iSWACO-ARGUS gelegt, die eine nahtlose Validierung aller Fahrfunktionen hoch- und vollautomatisierter Fahrzeuge auf dem Prüfgelände erlaubt. Weiterentwickelt u.a. im Projekt PEGASUS zusammen mit den meisten deutschen Autom...

    iMAR erstellt Studie "Mindestausrüstung von Güterwagen" für das DZSF

    01. Februar 2022
    Das Deutsche Zentrum für Schienenverkehrsforschung (DZSF) des Deutschen Eisenbahn-Bundesamtes (EBA) hat iMAR in 2021 mit der Erstellung der Studie "Mindestausrüstung von Güterwagen für ein effektives und wirtschaftliches Condition Monitoring für zustandsorientierte Instandhaltung" beauftragt. Die...

    ÖBB tests iRailLoc-C: Advanced Solution for Train Localization, Navigation, Communication, Timing & Control

    31. Januar 2022
    iMAR has launched the first systems for train applications, where the integration of a robust INS/GNSS/ODO solution together with radio communication is proivded within one enclosure. It provides GSM-R, LTE and as an option 5G communication. The system is designed according to the common railway ...

    iMAR contracted by ESG / OCCAR for INU as part of the COBRA Major Mid-Life Update

    15. Januar 2022
    From OCCAR Press Release: On 15/12/2021 the OCCAR COBRA Team achieved a significant milestone by the contract signatures for the 3rd and 4th Mid-Life Update (MLU) contract with ESG as prime. The New Inertial Navigation Unit (NINU) contract with Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH (ESG) (sub-con...

    iIPSC-PT-X: Next Generation Pan/Tilt Gyro Stabilizer now available

    15. Dezember 2021
    iMAR has delivered the first modular pan/tilt systems of type iIPSC-PT-X for antenna and EO/IR payloads. The series iIPSC-PT-X is available for a wide range of payloads regarding weight, speed, dynamics and accuracy and covers the area, where our well-known systems of the series iIPSC-MSG and iIP...

    First Groundbreaking for Expanded Lab Building for Spezial-EMV GmbH

    17. September 2021
    Since 01/2021 iMAR operates its own EMI/EMC Test Lab Spezial-EMV GmbH. This subsidary provides EMI/EMC system qualification and certification for external as well as for internal customers. The bandwidth of services covers the testing of goods according the requirements of commercial, industrial...

    DIGAUTO: iMAR's Automotive Testing Sales Agent in China

    27. Juli 2021
    iMAR is glad to announce the cooperation with the Chinese Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. based on which the team will promote iMAR’s advanced proving ground automation solutions, named iSWACO-ARGUS, in the mainland of China. Shanghai Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., located in A...

    iNAT-U200/RLD-DA: Ultra small powerful INS/GNSS/ODO/XXX solution

    30. Juni 2021
    iNAT-U200 is a family of ultra light weight small-size accurate MEMS based IMS of class 2.5 deg/hr / 0.1 mg (AllanVariance bias stability), consisting of 3 robust MEMS gyro axes and 3 MEMS accelerometer axes, integrated multi-frequencies/multi-constellations dual-antenna GNSS Receiver (simultanuo...

    iAGNSS: GNSS Receiver with Atomic Clock within one single small Box

    16. Februar 2021
    The iAGNSS is launched to provide a handy, robust package combining a geodetic class all-constellation / all-frequencies GNSS receiver with RTK / PPP / DGPS capability and a CSAC Atomic Clock. The iAGNSS can be used in combination with our iNAT navigation systems as well as in stand-alone applica...

    iSWACO-ARGUS: STAEHLE driving robots integrated into advanced automotive testing toolchain using iTRACO-ISO22133 interface

    04. Dezember 2020
    iMAR Navigation GmbH (St. Ingbert) and STÄHLE GmbH (Wimsheim), demonstrating their compatibility between high precision INS/GNSS navigation systems and advanced driving robot systems to pave the way of highly au-tomated scenario-based Testing. iMAR Navigation GmbH, a global leader of INS/GNSS na...

    Electro Optical Targeting System iIPSC-MSG-60 for Brazil

    13. September 2020
    iMAR deliveres an iIPSC-MSG-60 tracking system for sovereign testing applications to Brazil. The delivery is part of a modernization task of elder equipment on an existing proving ground. The integrated payload is highly customized according to specific reqirements of the user.

    What is an inertial navigation system or inertial measurement system?

    01. Januar 2020
    Inertial Technology: FAQs and manufacturer independant background information (how to find the best solution for my application?) iMAR Company Information about iMAR Navigation GmbH iMAR Information about Products and System Solutions- from the Stock as well as Customized Solutions iMAR News ...
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