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iAG²V (1)

Autonomous Gyro Guided Vehicle Control

iANARO (2)

Advanced Gyro Based Localization & Guidance Tool for Horizntal Directional Drilling (HDD)

iALS (1)

INS/GNSS for Most Accurate Airborne Laser Scanning


Attitude, Heading & Motion: Gyro Compassing and Dual Antenna based INS/GNSS Systems with True Heading (True North) Output for the Naval and Marine Environment


COMBAt NAvigation Systems for Defense Tasks [without ITAR restrictions]

iCORUS (5)

Airborne Gravimetry Systems in strapdown technology with additional output of flight guidance data in real-time -also used for shipborne gravimetry

iDAGOS (2)

Dual Antenna GNSS based Orientation System (true heading output)

iDMN (2)

Wireless communication in real-time between a swarm of dynamic moving vehicles with lowest latency, highest reliability, high bandwidth

iIMU (5)

Inertial Measurement Units of all Classes of Accuracy

iIPSC (12)

Gyro Stabilized Pedestals, Turrets, Gimbals for Cameras, Antennas, Lasers, Designators etc. and for Customer specific Payloads; all class of performance, speed, accuracy, payload weight and size, for nearly all kind of naval, airborne and land vehicles as well as stationary applications

iLIANE (1)

LiDAR aided Navigation Equipment

iMADC (1)

Micro Air Data Computers

iMAG (3)

3D Magnetometers, with and without integrated IMU

iMGYR (1)

MEMS based Gyro Modules

iMWS (1)

Magnetic Wheel Sensors

iNAT (18)

Core Navigation and Timing (iNAT) Systems for all kind of Navigation, Guidance, Stabilization, Control and Surveying; all class of performance, from MEMS to RLG, HRG and FOG

iNetGo (1)

Data Modems for GNSS GBAS Correction Data Transmission

iOET² (8)

Systems and Gimbals for Inertial Stabilized Electro Optical Target Tracking


Transfer Alignment Systems

iPosCAL (2)

iMAR's post-processing software for INS/GNSS/ODO data; versions for general applications, pipeline surveying and airborne gravimetry

iPRENA (6)

PREcision NAvigation Systems for Defense Tasks (Land, Sea, Subsea, Air) [without ITAR restrictions]

iPST (2)

Inertial measurement systems for pipeline surveying and drilling applications

iRail (9)

Train Localization, Train Integrity Monitoring, Railway Surveying

iREF (1)

GNSS Referece Stations

iRBG (1)

Radio Beacon with integrated GNSS receiver and battery for continuous tracking of UAVs


Systems for Defense SUpport & LOgitics NAvigation Tasks [without any ITAR restrictions]

iSSMC (1)

Ship Stabilization and Motion Control Systems


Swarm Control: Multiple Vehicle Navigation, Guidance & Control, secured low latency RF communication between highly automated vehicles in the sea, in the air and on land, also for Proving Grounds for highly Automated Vehicle Testing and Verification (iSWACO-ARGUS); includes iTSV series of fully automated driving vehicles

iSYNC (1)

Time stamping of IMU, GNSS, cameras, LIDAR, odometer

iTGAC (1)

Three axes gyro / accelerometer assemblies (use iNAT for future applications)


iTHESEUS: Indoor navigation without any need of any infrastructure (fully autonomous localization of pedestrians, firemen, special forces or just to improve the occupational safety e.g. on chemical plants). Fully supporting operation in GNSS dened environment.

iTNAV (1)

Torpedo Navigation Systems

iTraceRT (5)

High Performance INS/GNSS with RTK for automotive Testing

iTURN (2)

Motion Tables for Gyro and IMU / INS Testing

iVRU (8)

Vertical Reference Units and AHRS (for new applications use Product Group iNAT)


Command Software / GUI for all iNAT, iTraceRT-MVT, iPRENA, iSULONA, iCOMBANA, iATTHEMO systems (configuration & operation & visualization)
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