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High Precision INS/GNSS inertial Localization & Control Systems for all Applications

iNAT-RQT / iNAV-FSLG / iNAT-FSSG: High performance ring-laser gyro  and fiber optic gyro based navigation systems for surveying, stabilization, tracking, navigation, guidance and control tasks. Real-time data output with precise time stamping. Integrated RTK-GPS Receiver (with optional SAASM capability), wheelsensor interface, several SYNC-I/Os and data storage.
Used for defense, aviation and industrial applications like railway, road and pipeline surveying, SAR / LIDAR applications, platform stabilization, Transport arcraft Navigation etc.
High data rate and centimeter accuracy in GNSS-RTK mode

The ultra robust design at low weight and low power consumption makes the systems also suitable for most challenging applications. Competitors: OXTS GENESYS NOVATEL XSENSE APPLANIX TRIMBLE SAFRAN SAGEM THALES IXBLUE IXSEA SBG ADVANCEDNAVIGATION VECTORNAV RACELOGIC SENSONOR SEPTENTRIO SPAN GPS GNSS STIM300 ANALOG DEVICES GEONYX ONYXS

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