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iMAR Navigation offers you a unique variety of products and system solutions, along with our leading expertise in development and integration services for PNCT, motion dynamics and platform stabilization solutions (PNCT = Position, Navigation, Control & Timing).

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Railway Surveying, Train Localization, ADAS for Rail

Systems for public protection, for special forces, for protection of critical infra structures, which have also to work in GNSS denied envirnment

Localization, Navigation and Control of automated Land Vehicles in Harbor and Logistics

Localization and Guidance of automated or autonomous Vehicles in the Air, on Land, on Sea and in Subsea

Airborne Strapdown Gravimeters, geophysical Sensors

Surveying, Navigation and Localization for manned and unmanned Airborne Vehicles

GNSS Solutions, Signle- and Multi-Antenna Solutions, Localization, Space Applications

Stabilization of Cameras, Antennas, Weapons

Stabilizied Platforms for Cameras, Lasers, Antennas etc.

Horizontal Directional Drilling - Drillhead Navigation

Land Vehicle Localization, Navigation & Control, automotive Testing and Guidance of highly automated Vehicles

Military Applications: Localization, Guidance and Control, Stabilization of armed Vehicles, Trucks and Launchers

Transfer Alignment Systems for fast Optronics, Antenna and Weapon Alignment

Assistance Sensors: LiDAR, Radio Modems, Mesh-Communication, Wheel Sensoren,s Video Tracking, Stereo Vision, Magnetometers, AirData Sensors etc.

Military Applications on Land, on Sea and in the Air

Stabilized Platforms for Antennas, NightVision & Daylight Cameras and Lasers

Stabilization, Ride Control, Autopilot Systems, Gyro Compasses for manned and unmanned Ships and Ferries (also customized solutions)

Swarm Guidance & Control of autonomous or highly automated Vessels

Navigation and Guidance for unmanned und manned Submarines and Naval Weapons

DWT 2024

Vom 19. bis 21. März 2024 stellen iMAR Navigation GmbH und Spezial-EMV GmbH ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen auf der Tagung der DWT für Angewandte Forschung für Verteidigung und Sicherheit in Deutschland in Bonn (Maritim Hotel) aus.

Symposium Inertial Sensors and Applications (DGON ISA 2024)

Meet iMAR at the International Symposium "Inertial Sensors and Applications" DGON ISA 2024, every year in September in Braunschweig / Germany, the superior European conference where the worldwide experts for inertial sensor development and manufacturing technology, the leadng designers of inertial applications and the research community of inertial technologies are meeting every year to exchange the latest results.

IPG Open House

During IPG's Open House Exhibition at March 12, 2024 iMAR presents its leading technologies for automotive testing in Positioning, Navigation, Timinging (iTraceRT) as well as in proving ground automation (iSWACO-ARGUS) in Karlsruhe.

Automotive Testing

Automotive Testing Expo is the world’s leading international expo for every aspect of automotive testing, development and validation technologies. Automotive Testing Expo will take place June 4, 5 & 6, 2024 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany. We will present our solutions at booth 8336. Please arrange a meeting appointment with us.


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