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iATTHEMO-TRIDENT: Advanced Marine Gyro Compass System

Three marine functionalities unified in a single maintenance-free device

The iATTHEMO-TRIDENT unifies the most important Marine Navigation functionalities (ATTitude, HEading, MOtion) in a single device. It comprises a maintenance-free 6-axis gyro compass and optionally comes with an integrated GNSS. Its superior performance, low life-time costs and reliable construction make it perfectly suited for all navigational, control, stabilization and surveying functions.

iATTHEMO-TRIDENT comes beside of the standard marine interfaces additionally with full iXCOM protocol communication and is supported by iMAR's iXCOM-CMD GUI (under MS Windows and Linux) and Python interface.


  • Very fast settling time even in rough seas for gyro compassing. 
  • Proven European RLG technology provides high MTBF (> 100,000 h for the inertial sensor core).
  • on request type-approved to marine directives (IMO + IMO-HSC).
  • Real-time output with exceptional low latency and jitter on true heading, roll, pitch, surge, sway, heave,  acceleration, rate of turn, which all are available also in GNSS denied environment. 
  • Position and Speed over Ground (SOG) available with GNSS (GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO / Beidou etc.) as well as in "free inertial" mode. DVL aiding (Doppler velocity log) available on request.
  • The integrated computation power and the available interfaces allows also to provide a complete roll stabilization of vessels.
  • iATTHEMO is not subject to any ITAR export regulations.
  • Perfectly suited for any newbuilds & retrofits, especially also with iMAR & Kwant Controls Tightly Integrated System for Mono-hulls & High-Speed Crafts.
  • With iATTHEMO-TRIDENT-Rx a version with extended true heading accuracy and superior, unmatched on-the-fly self-diagnosis is available. 


Following our proven design philosophy and technical code of conduct for our products and solutions, only the physics determines the behavior of iMAR‘s measurement systems. Our real-time output of our systems and solutions is achieved through the intelligent signal processing invented by our experienced engineers, not by AI (artificial intelligence).
Experienced customers do not entrust the success of critical or general missions to the heuristic decisions of any AI, but rather experience the highest reliability, accuracy and availability of iMAR solutions in their daily use, based on our mathematically and physically precise and traceable results.

Further information

More manuals, user reports and other information in our download area.


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