iPRENA and iPRENA-M: Most precise Navigation and Weapon Alignment (0.3 mil sec lat, RLG, ITAR-free)

Most accurate low weight INS (RLG based, no ITAR)

Precise and Robust Inertial Solution used in Defence Applications

The family of iPRENA and iPRENA-M are most robust solutions for inertial positioning, navigation, timing (PNT), weapon alignment, vehicle guidance and control. iPRENA-M includes additionally the hardening against gun-fire shocks. iPRENA as well as iPRENA-M ares available in four classes of performance (-II, -IIIA, -III, -IV),  details can be seen in the datasheet. 

iPRENA-M-II/-IIIA/-III/-IV and iPRENA-II/-IIIA/-III/-IV come with most accurate and most reliable ring laser gyroscopes (RLG), they have demonstrated more than 120'000 hrs field proven MTBF, also in safety critical applications. 

iPRENA as well as iPRENA-M come with an integrated GNSS receiver (up to RTK and PPP available) and support also external military GNSS receivers. Also other external aiding sensors like vehicle motion sensors (VMS) are supported.

iPRENA is based on iMAR's proven iNAT architecture and provides the required growth potential for the today's and future's applications in PNT and alignment tasks.


  • Supported operational modes:
    • GNSS aided localization (for ground / land, airborne, naval vehicles) 
    • GNSS + VMS aided localization (for all ground / land vehicles)
    • pure inertial localization for ground vehicles (without GNSS, without VMS) in GNSS denied environment, urban canyons etc. with unmatched accuracy (< 0.1 % distance travelled horizontal accuracy [CEP50] and 0.05 % distance travelled vertical accuracy [PE50])
    • free inertial Navigation for arbitrary vehicles (air,, sea, subsea) with < 0.5 nm/hr position accuracy
    • AHRS mode for airborne applications (with and without true airseed, barometric altitude, magnetometer)
  • Real-time data output: longitude, latitude, alttude / height, velocty, roll, pitch, yaw / heading, angular rates, acceleration, status, calibrated raw data INS/GNSS (e.g. for post-processing)
  • Interfaces: RS422 (UART) Interfaces, CAN, ARINC429, Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP), SYNC-I/Os
  • Data Output rate up to 400 Hz (each data log separately configurable)
  • Measurement range +/-400 deg/s, +/-40 g
  • Heading accuracy up to 0.26 mil sec lat
    Attitude accuracy < 0.2 mil
    Position accuracy pure inertial: < 10 m or < 0.1 % DT CP50 horizontal, < 0.05 % DT PE50 vertical (ground vehicles, no VMS, no GNSS)
    Position accuracy free inertial 0.5 nm/hr
    Position accuracy GNSS aided < 1 m (rms) [S/A off]
    Position accuracy GNSS aided 0.02 m (rms) [RTK available]

  • Integrated 42+ state sensor data fusion with advanced algorithm for excellent motion detection, automatic ZUPT control etc.  iPRENA does not contain any AI based algorithms and hence fulfulls the armed forces requirements of deterministic behavior - whatever is the environment and operational scenario.

  • Internally up to 128 GByte non-volatile memory for data storage
  • Power Supply: 10...32 V DC, < 25 W
  • EMI-EMC protection and qualification according to DO160G / MIL-STD-704F / MIL-STD-461G / MIL-STD-810G; designed to partially meet DO160G 
  • iPRENA is in operation on wellknown weapon systems. Ask iMAR for a reference list.
  • Due to its state-of-the-art and proven RLG technology, iPRENA is not suffering on performance degradation, which can be observed on solutions with other sensor technologies under wellknown environmental impacts (vibration, temperature gradients, aging, ...).
  • PRENA can be configuered by the operator. No factory setup required if the configuration shall be adapted to several user applications. This eases the stock handling dramatically compared to the solutions of competiting vendors.
  • iPRENA-M fits mechanically to the obsolescent HoneywellTM / KearfottTM MAPS / DRU.
  • iPRENA is not covered by ITAR. iPRENA-IIIA, -III and -IV are only covered by dual-use export control. 

Several classes of iPRENA are available (here sorted by increasing accuracy):

  Product Version   Description
  iPRENA-IV, iPRENA-M-IV   Land vehicle geo localization & weapon alignment: 1.5 mil sec lat
  iPRENA-III, iPRENA-M-III   Land vehicle geo localization & weapon alignment: 1.0 mil sec lat
  iPRENA-IIIA, iPRENA-M-IIIA   Land vehicle geo localization & weapon alignment: 0.6 mil sec lat
  iPRENA-II, iPRENA-M-II   Land vehicle geo localization & weapon alignment: 0.3 mil sec lat



Further information

Datasheets: iPRENA and iPRENA-M
FAQa for selection and application of high performance INS
User Manual iPRENA / iNAT
Datasheet iCOMBANA: Class of INS/GNSS solutions for combat vehicles (FOG and MEMS)
Datasheet iSULONA: Class of INS/GNSS solutions for support & logistics vehicles (MEMS)

More manuals, user reports and other information in our download area.


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