iPRENA and iPRENA-M: Precision Navigation and Weapon Alignment (0.3 mil sec lat, RLG, ITAR-free)

High Performance Low Weight INS (RLG based, no ITAR)

The iPRENA and iPRENA-M families are a series of light weight, small-size, high accurate INS/GNSS systems, consisting of 3 high highly reliable airborne grade ring laser gyro axes and 3 servo accelerometer axes, integrated multi-constellations / multi-frequencies GNSS Receiver (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU; SBAS), wheel sensor interface and an advanced 42+ state Kalman filter based INS/GNSS sensor data fusion.

Three performance classes down to 0.3 mrad sec lat true north gyro compassing capability are available with iPRENA-II / -III / -IV. 

With iPRENA-M-II / -III / -IV additionally a a version of gun-fire hardened systems is available.


  • Applications: GNSS aided navigation, free inertial Navigation (air, land, sea, subsea), attitude heading reference (AHRS), surveying, UAV, AUV and RPV guidance & control
  • Real-time data output: longitude, latitude, alttude / height, velocty, roll, pitch, yaw / heading, angular rates, acceleration, status, calibrated raw data INS/GNSS (also for post-processing applications)
  • Interfaces: RS422 (UART and HDLC / SDLC) Interfaces, CANaero / ARINC825 / CAN, ARINC429, Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP), SYNC-I/Os
  • Data Output rate up to 400 Hz (each data log separately adjustable)
  • Measurement range +/-395 deg/s, +/-20 g (option: +/- 40 g)
  • Heading accuracy with Gyro Compassing (pure inertial): 0.3 mil / 1.0 mil / 1.5 mil sec lat
    Attitude accuracy: < 0.1 mil
    Position accuracy in free inertial mode: < 0.5 nm/hr / < 1 nm/hr / 1.5 nm/hr
       (after > 12 hr GNSS aiding with sufficient motion: down to 1 n/m / 24 hr)
    Position accuracy, GNSS aided: < 2 m (rms) [S/A off]
    Position accuracy, GNSS aided: 0.02 m (rms) [RTK available]
  • Bias over temperature 0.002 ... 0.007 deg/h / 50 ... 100 µg 
    Noise / ARW 0.0016 ... 0.005 deg/sqrt(hr) / 12 µg/sqrt(Hz) 
    Bias stability (AV) < 0.001 °/hr, 12 µg @ const. temp.
    See datasheet for further accuracy classes.Integrated 42+ state tightly or loosly coupled data fusion
  • internal GNSS receiver, up to all frequencies / all constellation GPS+GLONASS+Beidou+GALILEO; RTK / PPP or/and SAASM / M-Code as option
  • Internally up to 128 GByte non-volatile memory for data storage
  • extreme high reliability: IMU MTBF (field demonstrated in transportation aircraft environment): 120'000 hrs 
  • Power Supply: 10...32 V DC, < 30 W
  • Modular System architecture: customized applications can be integrated by iMAR on request (please contact our sales department for details). So the iPRENA can provide arbitrary data and command protocols according to customer requirement, e.g. to substitute other navigation systems by iPRENA (e.g. for Form-Fit-Function replacements)
  • Gun-fire hardened version available: iPRENA-M-II /-III / -IV
  • EMI-EMC protection and qualification according to DO160G / MIL-STD-704F / MIL-STD-461G / MIL-STD-810G
  • iPRENA-(M)-II / -III / -IV are not ITAR controlled and handled as dual-use equipment for export control.


Further information:

Datasheet iPRENA-II...IV / iPRENA-M-II...IV Precision Navigation for Defense Applications (RLG; ITAR-free; iPRENA-M enclosure compatible to MAPS / DRU)

Datasheet iPRENA-V Precision Navigation for Defense Applications (RLG, partially ITAR restricted)

Datasheet iPRENA-M-H Precision Navigation for Defense Applications (DRU / MAPS replacement; ITAR restricted)

Further information

Datasheets: iPRENA and iPRENA-M

More manuals, user reports and other information in our download area.

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