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iCORUS Airborne Gravimeter supports Resource Exploration Tasks also in R&D

15. Januar 2023

iMAR's Gravimetric Disturbances Measurement Technology is used in DESMEX-REAL

Together with several project partners iMAR is involved in DESMEX-REAL, an R&D project partially funded by the German Government. In DESMEX-REAL, iMAR provides its leading technology for gravimetric disturbance surveying (sensors as well as data processing) inside of the partner's overall geo-physical sensor and analysis setup.

The attached article (in German language) explains the background.

For commercial applications, iMAR provides with iCORUS a leading airborne gravimeter system with specally designed inertial sensors and algorithms (several dozens of installations worldwide, reference list available on request). 

Beside of that, being also focussed on future demands and applications, iMAR started in December 2022 a research project with a group of experienced research partners (DLR-SI, Leibniz University Hannover, Technical University Braunschweig, Technical University Clausthal, Humboldt Univerity Berlin and others) to develop a miniaturized quantum-interferometric sensor system suitable to be the core of a light weight, ultra high accurate and mobile absolute gravimeter. This project is partially funded by the German Government (AeroQGrav). 




Weitere Informationen / Further information:

iCORUS: Strapdown Gravimeter


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