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Tracking Systems, Cinetheodolites, Stabilized Platforms, Video Target Tracking and Trajectory Surveying of Airplanes and Missiles, Gyro Stabilized Electro Optical Tracking Systems / EOIR, Antenna / SATCOM Control, Weapon Stabilization

Radio Beacon for UAV tracking with integrated GNSS and battery

Stabilized and INS/RTK-GPS located platform for gravimetry and gradiometry

Launcher: Gyro Stabilized Launching Platforms for Missiles, Smoke Grenades or Mortar Grenades for Installation on Agile Vessels / iIPSC-SLP


  • iMAR Navigation GmbH
  • Im Reihersbruch 3
  • 66386 St. Ingbert

  • Germany

Contact & Support

  • +49 6894/9657-0     (switchboard)

  • +49 6894/9657-636 (sales team)

  • +49 6894/9657-15   (support team)

Products & Integration Engineering