iIPSC-MSG-130: Gyro Stabilized Pan Tilt Gimballed Tracking Platform (EOTS)

Gyro Stabilized Electro Optical Tracking System for Multi Purpose Customized Payloads

The platform iIPSC-MSG-130 is fully two axes gyro stabilized including video tracking (iOET²) capability, true north alignment, joystick control and provides an open interface to the user's computer system.

The iIPSC-MSG-130 can carry up to 130 kg customized payload, like daylight and IR cameras, Laser range finder, RF antennas and other classified or unclassified equipment.

The tracking gimbal is integrated into an advanced container device (ACD) with vertical lift platform (see linked video) to support a mobile operation during national and international tracking campaigns. So the iIPSC-MSG-130 is the right successor of traditional or obsolete cine-theodolite systems, using latest motion and tracking technology, saving cost and weight. 

Beside of the target trackers of type iIPSC-MSG with iIPSC-Control a powerful software is provided to operate simultanously multiple iIPSC-MSG systems on a tracking range or in the field.

Using the iIPSC-MSG-130 at international EMBOW XIV campaign (France) by ArmaSuisse - some pictures

Datasheet iIPSC-MSG-130

Video of iIPSC-MSG-60 for Aircraft and Missile Testing, equipped with IR camera (200 Hz), HighSpeed Camera (7200 pictures / second), laser range finder (up to 32 km distance, 0.25 mrad), daylight HDTV camera - gyro stabilized (78 MByte - 3 minutes)  (c) iMAR Navigation GmbH

Video of tracking iIPSC-MSG-130 (58 MByte)   (c) iMAR Navigation GmbH


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Further information

Datasheet: iIPSC-MSG-60 and iIPSC-MSG-130
Datasheet: iIPSC-MSG-30
Datasheet: iIPSC-PT-X

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