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Geo Localization within GNSS Denied Environment



iPRENA and iNAT: Small size / low weight inertial solutions for geo localization in GNSS denied environment. The pure inertial solution (no GNSS, no landmarks, no wheel sensor, no RF aidings) to achieve position accuracy of < 0.08 % of distance travelled over more than 100 km without any aiding for road vehices.

iTHESEUS: ...when most accurate Indoor Localization without availability of any external aiding information is required (no GNSS, no WLAN, no magnetic information, no camera, no LiDAR, no map.... no nothing but only inertial!) - the solution for fire fighters nad special forces with < 1 % of distance walked 

iLIANE: The solution for geo localization and mapping in GNSS denied environment, using an integrated high performance iMAR navigation solution (iNAT-M300, iNAT-RQ, ...) and our 360° LiDAR system togeher with our leading signal processing. Sub decimeter accuracy.


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