iAVIONICS-SUITE: AHRS, Magnetometer and Air Data Computer for small Aircraft

iNAT & iMADC & iMAG: Avionics Suite for UAV, OPV and small Aircrafts

For navigation and control of unmanned air vehicles (UAV), optional piloted vehicles (OPV) or general small aircraft (CS23, CS25) and helicopters, an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS), a Magnetometer and an air data computer (ADS) are used to brifge GNSS outages. iMAR provides the full range of these components as a plug&play solution, where a certification is not required.

Nevertheless, on demand an EASA cerification is possible.


  • iNAT-CFM / iNAT-M200 / iNAT-U200: FOG or MEMS based AHRS with integrated INS/GNSS solution
  • iMAG-DMC-LS: 3D magnetometer
  • iMADC-01: Micro Air Data Computer
  • Sync Input / Trigger Output available
  • CANaerospace / ARINC825, UART (RS422 / RS232)  and Ethernet TCP/IP / UDP interfaces available
  • Wide range supply voltage 10…34 V DC, full EMI/EMC protection for aviation applications (iNAT-CFM-5+)

Further information:

Datasheet iNAT-CFM-5+ 
Datasheet iMADC-01
Datasheet iMAG-DMC
Datasheet iAvionics-Suite

Weitere Informationen

Datasheet: iMADC
Datasheet: iMAG
Datasheet: iNAT-U200-M
Datasheet: iNAT-M200/TLD

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