MDAS & GRAM: Advanced Mortar Alignment Systems - functional and ready for use

Mortar Alignment Systems: from Magnetic to Gyro based

The precise heading alignment of motar systems is an essential need to improve performance and to avoid collateral damages. Therefore iMAR developed two Motar Alignment Systems together with a well-known motar manufacturer:

  • GRAM, the magnetic sensor based heading tool for 60 mm mortars
    (GRid Aiming Mode)
  • MDAS, the gyro based true heading alignment tool for 81 mm mortars 
    (Mortar Digital Aiming Solution)

The accuracy of the MDAS is < 2 mil sec lat. after 250 sec alignment duration, the elevation accuracy is 1 mil. With MDAS mortas are able to perform MRSI (Multi Round Simultaneous Impact) for the first time.

For more information please contact iMAR sales engineers.

(photographs by Hirtenberger)

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