iSmartPos-3D: GPS based True Heading

3D GPS based True Heading and Positioning System

GPS can be used in many applications as a po­sition or attitude reference system in industrial applications. Standard GPS receiver today pro­vide 15 m position accuracy but other output data like true heading or position accu­racy on the centi­meter or millimeter level are not avail­able or those systems were very expen­sive in the past.

Now, due to development and imple­mentation of advanced real-time algo­rithms on raw data ba­sis, iMAR provides the most accurate solution of providing true heading in real-time with an accu­racy of < 0.1 degree / meter for a eight-antenna-system (i.e. if the baseline of the outer an­tennas is 1 m, the performance is 0.1 deg in true head­ing).

Due to the advanced ionoshere error mod­ellation which is possible with a multi antenna system, the global position error is bounded to approx. 1.5 m or less (without reference sta­tion!). Together with a DGPS refer­ence station the position accuracy is in the centimeter to mil­limeter range (depends on L1 or L1/L2 receiver and calibrated multi antennas).

iSMARTpos-3D deliveres 10 Hz data (option 100 Hz). It can be combined with INS to obtain data with higher bandwidth and even there where the sky is temporarily covered.

It can be used e.g. for the follow­ing applications:


  • Automatic Steering
  • Relative Positioning
  • Absolute Positioning

Drones, UAVs, UCAVs:

  • Attitude / heading support
  • Positioning aiding


  • Antenna orientation
  • Antenna steering

Automotive testing:

  • Brake testing
  • Driver assistance
  • Suspension testing
  • Tyre testing
  • Side Slip Measuring
  • True Heading Support for Inertial Meas. Syst.

Robots, AGVs:

  • Track control
  • Automatic driving
  • Driving robots
  • Mine sweeping

Structural monitoring:

  • Buildings
  • Ships
  • Large structure dynamics analysis

Construction aereas:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Collision avoidance

The IMU is designed for rugge­dized ap­plications and is internally equipped with shock absorbers. As an option the unit also can be de­livered hard-mounted, i.e. without shock-ab­sorbers. The iIMU-FSAS can be oper­ated on a unregulated wide range input supply voltage and is protected against wrong polarity and moder­ate over-volt­age. The data output can be trig­gered and the data are sent via RS422 on an HDLC protocol or via RS232 / RS422 UART. As an option the system can be delivered with an additional integrated AHRS or navigation proc­essor and with odometer in­ter­face. All sig­nals are fed via an robust con­nector of type MIL-C-38999-III.

The iIMU-FSAS is manu­fac­tured in Ger­many and can be used in many commercial and defense applica­tions as a replace­ment for Litton’s LN-200 or Hon­eywell’s HG1700/1900 in surveying applications. Com­pared to HG1700 the iIMU-FSAS has more than 10 times higher MTBF.

Further information:

Datasheet iSmartPos3D

More manuals, user reports and other information in our download area.

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