iTraceRT - Leading Ground-Truth for automotive Testing

iTraceRT - Leading Ground-Truth for automotive Testing

High Performance INS/GNSS Systems for automotive Testing and Verification Applications (gyro technology: MEMS, FOG or RLG, depending on requirements)

iTraceRT-MVT: Systems for automotive testing, covering all classes of performance

iTraceRT-MVT: Class Leading INS/GNSS/+ Solutions for Motion Dynamics Analysis, Vehicle Tracking & Steering

iXCOM-CMD: Command Software and GUI for all iNAT and similar INS/GNSS Systems

iTraceRT-MVT-300/TLE, /TLD: MEMS based INS/GNSS systems for automotive testing and highly automated driving

iTraceRT: 30 years leadership in measuring automotive vehicle motion dynamics with unmatched accuracy

Communication Assistance: Python Client, ROS 2 node, SDK C++, WireShark Dissector for all iMAR systems communicating via iXCOM Protocol

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