iCWPTA and iMWS Wheel Speed Sensors

Incremental and Magnetic Wheel Speed Sensors

Incremental Sensor:

With the CWPTA iMAR provides a high precision wheel sensor with resolution in the millimeter range and unmatched linearity of better than 0.01 %. It is mounted on the outside of the wheel and it is approved to be used on public roads too (see application note).

Magnetic Sensor:

With iMWS iMAR provides a magnetic strip based wheel sensor for sim­ple measurement of the velocity of a land vehicle (car, truck). The sen­sor operates with a magnetic strip glued inside of the rim (use a non-driven wheel!) and a special detector (iRS) mounted on the inside of the wheel, i.e. the disk of the wheel suspension, brake cover or brake caliper holder. Details are shown in the installation hints deliv­ered with the system.

The iMWS-V2 consists of three parts: The magnetic strip, the mag­netic sensor head iRS and the signal converter to pro­vide A/B outputs. In comparision to the iMWS-V1, the iMWS-V2 is capable to measure velocities from 250 km/hr down to zero (!) velocity with an increased resolution (the iMWS-V1 had a lower velocity limitation to approx. 0.3 km/hr and 2.5 times worse resolution).


Further information:

Application Note for CWPTA Wheel Sensor

Datasheet iMWS and Converter Box

More manuals, user reports and other information in our download area.

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