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A smooth ride through the English Channel

17 October 2018

Ride Control System installed on Brittany Ferry’s high speed craft „Normandie Express“

Another catamaran vessel now benefits from the reliable and high performance of our ship motion damping Ride Control.  The system, jointly developed and supplied with our Dutch partner KWANT controls B.V., was installed on-board during an extensive retrofit of the vessel last week.

The Ride Control System adaptively damps undesired roll and pitch motion of the ferry. An INS/GNSS based inertial measurement system from our iATTHEMO product series is provided to monitor the motion of the ship. Based on this information iMAR’s ride control algorithm commands the vessel’s trim tabs and foils for optimal motion damping. The algorithm automatically adapts to changing sea states and effectively increases passenger comfort under all conditions.

We were confirmed by the crew of the ship: The new system is a big step forward for this ferry, compared to what we knew from before, both in performance and operability.

Further information:

Product Information iATTHEMO-M

Datasheet iATTHEMO-M


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