iATTHEMO-M: Economic True Heading, Attitude, Position, Velocity Sensor for Ride Control and Stabilization for Fast Ferries and Naval Vessels

INS/GNSS Motion Sensor with Dual-Antenna True North Heading for Marine and Naval Vessel Stabilization and Ride Control

iATTHEMO-M is a powerful miniaturized dual-antenna GNSS compass systems with an integrated MEMS based inertial measurement system to provide true heading as well as attitude, velocity, position, angular rates and acceleration with low noise. It is made for applications which require reliable performance in a robust package and simple usage. The system comes with fully EMI/EMC protected power-supply input and data output interfaces. The internal extended Kalman filter based data fusion is able also to provide a full INS/GNSS navigation solution with integrated incremental counter interface as propellor counter or UART / CAN / Ethernet as DVL / Log interface.

iATTHEMO-M comes with full iXCOM protocol communication support as well as NMEA 0183 output and is supported by iMAR's iXCOM-CMD GUI for configuration, visualization and operation. Furthermore a SDK is available for a seamless integration process at customer site.

Features of iATTHEMO-M:

  • True Heading with up to 500 Hz data rate due to gyro aided Dual-Antenna GNSS, using L1L2 GPS (up to RTK capability as option)
  • Roll, pitch, WGS84 position & velocity, rates and acceleration with up to 500 Hz
  • UART RS422 and RS232, Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP), CAN and USB interface; iXCOM protocol and NMEA 0183 protocol available
  • PPS output for synchronization available
  • Odometer and magnetometer interface as option
  • Navigation, Guidance and Control, AHRS capability; 42+ state integrated Kalman filter based IMS/GNSS data fusion
  • Used in naval and marine applications on manned and unmanned vessels
  • RTK Position accuracy and operating additionally GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU signals as option available
  • With the same data interface this system is compatible to iATTHEMO-TRIDENT (gyro compassing system) and all systems of iNAT family (from low-end economic to highest performance, i.e. from micro-MEMS over fiber optical gyro up to ring laser gyro and hemisperical resonator gyro technology based systems)

Further information:

Datasheet iATTHEMO-M True Heading Motion Sensor for Marine and Naval Vessel Stabilization and Ride Control

More manuals, user reports and other information in our download area.

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