Advanced Automated Car Driving with iTraceRT @ Mercedes-Benz

15 December 2010

iMAR's iTraceRT being used for most challenging automated vehicle control

In May 2010 the engineers of Mercedes-Benz, a trademark of Daimler AG, demonstrated the probably most advanced test method for car safety to the international press. The system, which is designed to use and test series-production vehicles,  is being equipped with iMAR's INS/GNSS  system iTraceRT-F200, iMAR's GPS/GLONASS reference station and iMAR's high speed interface iSRIF for controlling a driving robot. The position performance of the system is +/- 2 cm. 

The high reliability of the system is demonstrated in the daily use for vehicle testing at Mercedes-Benz in Germany, a leader in automotive safety and technology innovation.

Further information:

Video of Mercedes Benz about automaded driving with iMAR equipment (48 MByte)   (c) Mercedes Benz

Video von Mercedes Benz über automatisiertes Fahren mit iMAR Equipment  (45 MByte)  (c) Mercedes Benz

Handout of automated driving   (c) iMAR + Mercedes-Benz (2010)

Information about iTraceRT product family

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