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SPAN based INS/GNSS systems

iTraceRT-F402/7: Small size / low weight INS/GNSS system with 400 Hz internal data rate, FOG based, 2 cm accuracy for standard automotive applications. GNSS Core: NovAtel SPAN (SPAN is a trademark of NovAtel). The main use of this system is automotive testing, where this system is the de-facto standard for precise measuring since more than 15 years.

This product is still in production, but for new applications we highly recommend to use the products from the iTraceRT-MVT series (which provides enhanced data fusion, interfacing and synchronization capabilities).Competitors: OXTS GENESYS NOVATEL XSENSE APPLANIX TRIMBLE SAFRAN SAGEM THALES IXBLUE IXSEA SBG ADVANCEDNAVIGATION VECTORNAV RACELOGIC SENSONOR SEPTENTRIO SPAN GPS GNSS STIM300 ANALOG DEVICES

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