iNAT-M300/T: Rugged GNSS Engine with optional True Heading Output

Single or Dual Antenna Solution with high environmental protection level


iNAT-M300/S is a rugged single or dual-antenna performance class GNSS solution with high reliability and accuracy. The dual antenna version iNAT-M300/T-DA provides beside of position also  true heading with up to 20 Hz. It is made for applications which require reliable performance in a small package and simple usage.

The iNAT series is used for navigation, guidance and control of vehicles, stabilization of platforms, surveying reference as ground truth etc. in the fields of industrial, automotive, surveying, defense and space applications. The full accuracy range of the members of the iNAT family from economic to high-end can be found here:

Link to the entire iNAT system family


  • GNSS position with multi-constellation support (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU etc., and multi-frequency capability
  • dual-antenna setup supported (iNAT-M300/T-DA) to provide true heading with up to 20 Hz data rate 
  • WGS84 position & velocity with up to 20 Hz (100 Hz as option)
  • Ethernet, UART RS422/RS232, CAN,  USB interface
  • PPS output for synchronization
  • used for naval, airborne and land applications
  • also available with internally integrated IMU: see familiy iNAT-M300

The System is also available with other types of integrated GNSS engines (commercial class: /R, performance class: /S)

Further information:

Datasheet iNAT-M300/T: Advanced GNSS engine, optional with True Heading output

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iNAT-M300/T: all-frequency / all-constellation GNSS receider, available as single and dual-antenna solution

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