iIPSC-TR: Target Tracker Range Control

Tracker Range Control with Clusters of up to 4 On- or Off-Shore Mounted Pedestals

The iIPSC-TR is a full tracker range installation to build up or to expand existing tracker ranges for tracking moving targets in the air or in the sea. Each tracker cluster consists of up to 4 Tracker Slave Stations (e.g. of type iIPSC-GP40 or iIPSC-MSG; selection depends on payload and environmental conditions), where each tracker is equipped with a video tracker (iOET²), motion control (iSCU), joystick panel (iJP), data recording and uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Up to 4 Slave Stations are served by one Central Station, which performs the triangulation computation, based on all data receiving from the Slave Stations. The Central Station provides the obtained trajectory information back to the Slave Stations to allow best tracking performance even if the target is covered temporarily by any obstacle. The Central Station also reports to the Test Range Central Computer (TRCC). In an alternative topology, each Slave Station (SSLC) can report also directly to the TRCC.


  • Control of up to 4 Azimuth / Elevation operated pedestals
  • Each pedestal locally supported by Stabilization & Control Unit, video tracker, joystick control, nominal trajectory information, remote control capability, blind pointing capability   
  • Off-shore trackers supported by high performance Inertial Navigation System (INS/GPS) for motion compensation for shipborne installations
  • Real-time processing and post-processing supported

Further information:

Datasheet: iIPSC-TR
iIPSC-TR ICD and Manual

Video of iIPSC-MSG-60 for Aircraft and Missile Testing, equipped with IR camera (200 Hz), HighSpeed Camera (7200 pictures / second), laser range finder (up to 32 km distance, 0.25 mrad), daylight HDTV camera - gyro stabilized (78 MByte - 3 minutes)  (c) iMAR Navigation GmbH

Datasheet: iIPSC-MSG-60 and iIPSC-MSG-130
Datasheet: iIPSC-MSG-40
Datasheet: iIPSC-MSG-30
Datasheet: iIPSC-MSG-10
Camera and LRF Selection Guide for  iIPSC Payload

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