iARGUS-CMD: Traffic Scenario Planning, Verification, Execution & Visualization Software

Software for operating automated Vehicles on the Proving Ground

iARGUS-CMD gives the operator the unmatched flexibility to generate and execute repeatable as well as individual tests within real emulated traffic scenarios for vehicle type approval / homologation as well as for validation of sensors like radar, lidar, cameras etc.

The iARGUS-CMD software, installed on the iARGUS-CC Control Center of the iSWACO-ARGUS system, is used to plan, to verify and to monitor the trajectories of all participating moveable objects (vehicles, soft crash targets) on the proving ground.

iARGUS-CMD furthermore performs the download of the planned sceanrios to the vehicles and to the ISEs (Infrastructure Elements), like iTSV-KIA-NIRO as TSV,
any arbitrary Vehicle under Test and traffic lights, wind generators, rain machines etc. as ISE, and controls the execution of the entire test scenario in real-time.

The iARGUS-CMD software provides standard maneuvers as default beside of definable customized scenarios:

  • Cutting In: Conditional lane change of TSV, when the TSV has reached a specific distance in front of the VUT
  • Cutting Out: TSV drives in front of VUT and performes a lane change. VUT follows TSV 
  • Cutting Through: Conditional double lane change of TSV, when the TSV has reached a specific distance in front of the VUT
  • Traffic Jam: TSV drives until end of traffic jam and performs a lane change VUT to follow the TSV or to stop (whatever the VUT is intended to do in oits automated mode)
  • Nearly any arbitrary scenario like crossing with SCT etc.

The iARGUS-CMD software and interfaces are compliant to the future ISO 22133-1, which defines the interfaces of equipment being used on automotive proving grounds.

Further information:

Datasheet of iARGUS-CMD 

Datasheet of iSWACO-ARGUS 

Datasheet of iTSV-KIA-NIRO 

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