iIMU-FSAS-HP: Low Power IMU of class 0.1 deg/hr / 0.01 deg/rt-hr / 1.5 mg

iIMU-FSAS-HP: Class 0.1 deg/hr Inertial Measurement System (Gyro + Accel + Odometer)

0.1 deg/hr  IMU with Trigger and Integrated Power Regulation

The iIMU-FSAS-HP is a very small size IMU con­sisting of 3 fiber optical gyros (FOG) in closed-loop technology of class 0.1 deg/hr and 3 servo-accelerometers of class 1 mg. It is fit-function to the well-known iMU-FSAS and iIMU-FSAS-NG (those with 0.75 deg/hr) and comes with only 12 mm more enclosure height and provides fully compatible mechanical and data Interfaces.


  • 0.1 deg/hr, 0.01 deg/rt-hr / 450 deg/s , 1.5 mg / 5g or 20 g ; 400 Hz
  • bias stability (Allan Variance) < 0.01 deg/hr
  • Interfaces: RS232, RS422 UART, RS422 HDLC, Odometer [depends on options]
  • Applications:
    • Stabilisation tasks
    • INS/GPS navigation
    • Surveying applications
    • Guidance and Control
  • used in many countries / applica­tions worldwide

The iIMU-FSAS can be oper­ated on a unregulated wide range input supply voltage and is protected against wrong polarity and moder­ate over-volt­age. The data output can be trig­gered and the data are sent via RS422 on an HDLC protocol or via RS232 / RS422 UART. As an option the system can be delivered with an additional integrated AHRS or navigation proc­essor and with odometer in­ter­face. All sig­nals are fed via an robust con­nector of type MIL-C-38999-III.

The iIMU-FSAS-HP is manu­fac­tured in Ger­many and can be used in many commercial and defense applica­tions as a performance improved replace­ment for Litton’s LN-200 or Hon­eywell’s HG1700/1900 in surveying applications. Com­pared to HG1700 the iIMU-FSAS-HP has more than 10 times higher MTBF.

Further information:

Datasheet iIMU-FSAS-HP


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