iANARO: Horizontal Directional Drilling (next Generation)

The Most Precise Gyro Based Drillhead Guidance System

For more than 20 years, iMAR has been manufacturing tools for borehole surveying and drill head steering for both, vertical and horizontal directional drilling (HDD). iANARO is the latest generation of a most robust gyro based drillhead steering tool. It uses a unique technology to provide precise information in order to determine the position of the drillhead in realtime.

The system provides a very accurate, true north related heading and pitch information (azimuth and inclination), even under very strong environmental conditions, up to hard-rock drilling and high rotation rates around the drill axes. Furthermore, it provides environmental and operational information, like temperature, pressure, battery and health status.


  • Sensor System Accuracy: 0.04 deg sec lat true north, 0.02 deg pitch accuracy
  • Advanced communication between AMD and ACB, integrated additional sensors
  • No disturbance by magnetic fields (railways, power lines etc.)
  • Online Position monitoring, no costly after-job surveying required
  • No calibration at construction area required, operable by customer’s staff


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Product Information: iANARO Drillhead Guidance System for HDD Operation

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