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iMAR sets de-facto Standard for Communication Technology on Proving Grounds

23. Oktober 2019

The Market decides to make Components compatible to iMAR's leading Technology and Architecture

In the field of active safety testing,  iMAR demonstrated its leading technology for automotive proving ground instrumentation and scenario based testing within the well-known PEGASUS project in 2018. Besides iMAR's advanced automated vehicle control, vehicle localization, dynamic and static trajectory planning and following and safety management, also our superior dynamic mesh communication network (iDMN) had been demonstrated, which allows a secured and high data rate, low latency communication between all participants (objects like vehicle under test, traffic simulation vehicles, soft crash targets, Infrastructure Elements and iARGUS-CC Control Center). 

The iMAR iSWACO-ARGUS proving ground setup has demonstrated its excellent performance in front of international users and visitors, worldwide, e.g. at ZalaZone (Hungary), AstaZero (Sweden), Ehra-Lessien (Volkswagen), Neuburg (Audi) etc. as well as on iMAR's proving ground in Zweibrücken, only 20 km from our headquarters in St. Ingbert.  

For all operators worldwide compatibility of proving ground equipment is a key issue, e.g. combining a steering robot from ABD with a SCT from 4a Systems within iMAR's iSWACO-ARGUS. For this reason, iMAR together with 4a Systems are the leading driving forces to establish a standardization for proving ground equipment (ISO 22133-1).  

Consequently, iMAR is proud to announce that also ABD (UK), a supplier of steering robots, has decided to equip its components and objects with communication devices being compatible to iMAR's iDMN de-facto standard

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