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iDMN: Dynamic Mesh Communication Network

Advanced simultaneous wireless communication between many vehicles with low latency

iDMN provides wireless communication between up to 100 and even more moving vehicles (land, sea, air) and control stations, based on an advanced dynamic mesh network. Key features are high reliability, low latency, fast routing, high transmission volume capability, secured transmission and many others. 

It is available as 

  • iDMN-OHS: Object Mounted Hotspot and Terminal (mounted on cars, trucks etc.)
  • iDMN-THS: Tripod Mounted Hotspot (to expand the range of the network by stationary hotspots)
  • iDMN-MHS: Mast Mounted Hotspot (to expand the range of the network by stationary hotspots)
  • iDMN-FHS: Flying Hotspot, to increase the operation area significantly and to provide additionally videos from the flying camera

iDMN can be used with all iMAR systems of families iNAT, iTraceRT-MVT, iSULONA, iCOMBANA, iPRENA.

iDMN is e.g. a component in iMAR's Multi Vehicle Tracking and Control systems like iSWACO-ARGUS.


iFurther information:

Datasheet of iDMN (general overview)

Datasheet of iDMN-FHS (flying hotspot and observation camera)



More manuals, user reports and other information in our download area.


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