iREF-GNSS-PRO, iREF-GNSS-BASIC, iREF-M300: GNSS RTK Reference Stations

High Performance GNSS RTK Base Stations

Advanced RTK GNSS Reference Stations

The iREF-GNSS-BASIC is a RTK GNSS reference station which comes in a highly ruggedized water-tight en­closure and provides an autonomous power pro­vi­sion, an advanced integrated GNSS engine, an integrated UHF or VHF radio mo­dem or NTRIP interface for communication to an unlimited amount of rovers and several interfaces like RS232 and RS422.

The iREF-GNSS-BASIC is equipped with sturdy con­nectors and is designed for autono­mous opera­tion. Two high density hot-plugging bat­teries allow a long time op­eration including data transmission to mobile rovers via radio mo­dem on VHF or UHF band or via NTRIP. An LTE GSM modem of type iNetGo can be connected  to support even a fast initial position survey via RTK correction data which might be distributed by a local commercial provider (in this case these correction data are only used a very short time once to acquire the true position of the just installed GNSS antenna of the iREF).

The batteries of the iREF-GNSS-BASIC can be charged inside the iREF-GNSS-BASIC.

The iREF-GNSS-BASIC can be supplied by the internal batteries or via external provided 10...28 V DC or via 100...240 V AC power.

Features are:

  • RTK GNSS reference station, up to 20 Hz data rate
  • all-frequency GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou; NTRIP corrections etc.
  • Data format: RTCA, RTCM etc.
  • Integrated radio modem. Sev­eral frequency ranges [VHF, UHF] and power classes [from 0.5 W to 5 W] available.
  • Autonomous operation over at least 8 hrs with one set of batteries [5 W modem], typically 15 hrs.
  • 10...28 V DC supply input; external 235 V AC power input.
  • Water-tight ruggedized housing
  • iREF-GNSS-BASIC comes with an all-frequency GNSS an­tenna and a heavy aluminum tripod.
  • Plug&play with iMAR’s INS solu­tions

Options for data transmis­sion are UHF 433 MHz or VHF 160 MHz band, or iMAR's iDMN Dynamic Mesh Communication Network or any other NTRIP capable network.

To survey the position of the iREF-GNSS-BASIC, cor­rection data input obtained from TerraStar or AxioNet/SAPOS or similar or NTRIP is supported as an option.

The software iXCOM-CMD (under Windows and Linux) for the user's PC / laptop is included to configure the iREF and to perform a data download, e.g. to provide them for post-processing. It is the same software as also used to operate all iNAT, iTraceRT-MVT, iSULONA, iCOMBANA, iPRENA and iATTHEMO systems.


The iREF-GNSS-PRO is similar to the iREF-GNSS-BASIC, but it contains additionally the following features:

  • integrated WLAN for wireless access to iREF-GNSS-PRO for configuration and data download
  • integrated LTE / GSM modem to access to the data of an external RTK correction data provider fur the usage of initial surveying of the GNSS antenna position within the desired coordinate system. 


The iREF-M300 is a very small, light-weight and robust GNSS reference station, which will be supplied by an external DC voltage (9...34 V DC, < 10 W, overvoltage and spike protection as well as EMI/EMC protection according to MIL standards). iDMN Dynamic Mesh Communication Network is supported, RTK correction data are provided via NTRIP.

Hint: Instead of the iDMN also any other IP based network can be connected via Ethernet to transmit the NTRIP data from the iREF-M300 to the rovers. The advantage of iMAR's iDMN Mesh Communication Network is very low latency and jitter.  

The weight of iREF-M300 is less than 850 grams. 

The Windows and LINUX based configu­ration software iXCOM-CMD (same software as used to operate the navgation systems of families iNAT, iTrcaeRT-MVT, iPRENA, iCOMBANA, iSULONA, iATTHEMO) is included to configure the iREF-M300, the iREF-GNSS-BASIC and iREF-GNSS-PRO and the communication network iDMN. 


Further information:

Datasheet: iREF-GNSS-PRO

Datasheet: iREF-GNSS-BASIC

Datasheet: iREF-M300

Further information

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