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iLIANE: LiDAR aided Navigation Equipment - Geo Localization without any GNSS

Robust, self-sufficient localization for vehicles also in GNSS denied environment

With iLIANE, iMAR provides a setup for navigation and localization in GNSS denied environment. The system contains the optical system (LiDAR), the inertial system (iNAT), the data processor, the real-time processing software, the power conditioning.

Due to the sensor setup, iLIANE works in both day-light and night environment with the same performance. It s used for both to navigate within a 3D map without any need of GNSS and also to support the generation of a 3D geo referenced map. Navigation without as well as with GNSS is supported with high accuracy.
iLIANE features:
  • small size, highly robust, easy to use "plug & play"
  • operable on each vehicle’s roof
  • internal LiDAR, IMU, GNSS receiver (all-frequencies / all-constellations, SBAS & RTK support, single and dual antenna support), wheel sensor interface supported if desired
  • available with all class of INS performance, from MEMS over FOG to RLG based systems of series iNAT (commercial / industrial) and iSULONA / iCOMBANA / iPRENA (defence / protection)
  • excellent accuracy also in operation without any GNSS and without any wheel sensor – 0.1 … 0.5 % distance travelled.
  • Automatic map generation and capability to use this map during future travels. Map referencing capability to a definable Reference Frame (WGS84, ETRS89, UTM) for geo localzation. This feature is available in real-time, i.e. the vehicle will benefit immedeately from its own generated map or the map of another vehicle within a convoi.
  • Capability to improve and adapt previous generated maps with each following travel
  • iLIANE provides position and heading infrmation on roads and off-road, in urban canyons, within buildings, underground, in mining areas , in tunnels, on the battlefield (e.g. to secure vehicles in minefields) etc. 

The accuracy without GNSS aiding is about 0.1 ... 0.5 % of distance travelled (without using a previously acquired map) and within sub decimeter range within a previously acquired map.

Further information

Datasheet iLIANE LiDAR aided Navigation Equipment for GNSS denied environment

More manuals, user reports and other information in our download area.


iLIANE: Example of reliable localization in GNSS denied environment in an urban canyon incl. tunnels and parking garage
iLIANE: Example of reliable localization in GNSS denied environment in an industrial area


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