Vertical Reference Units and AHRS (for new applications use Product Group  iNAT)

iNAT-M200 Small Light Weight MEMS Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (500 Hz)

iNAT-U200/RLD Ultra Light Weight INS for Navigation, Surveying & Control (500 Hz)

iNAT-CFM: FOG based GNSS aided IMS of class 5 deg/hr

iMAR Navigation: iNAT-CFM-5+  integrated light weight INS/GNSS/ADS/MAG systems

iAVIONICS-SUITE: AHRS, Magnetometer and Air Data Computer for small Aircraft

iMAR Navigation: iVRU-CB-M MEMS Gyro / GPS based inertial measurement sytem

iVRU-CB-M: Inertial Measurement System with integrated Strapdown Data Fusion with Odometer Interface and integrated L1 GPS


iVRU-FC / iVRU-FQ: Inertial Measurement System with integrated GNSS and Odometer Interface


iVRU-FC-IGS: Inertial Measurement System for Gun Stabilization

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