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Siemens and SBB will use iMAR's Ground Truth iNAT-RQT on DOMINO Train Lab

22 October 2022

Data Collection and System Testing for current and future Train Applications

As an follow-up of the European CLUG research project, SIEMENS Mobility and SBB decide to use iMAR's iNAT-RQT-4003, a worldwide leading INS/GNSS/ODO solution, as Ground Truth on the DOMINO test train. iNAT-RQT-4003 will be equipped additionally to the standard setup with an interface to detect and read Euro balises (within ETCS) and to coonect to several kind of speed sensors.

The installation and continuous operation on a regualr operating passenger train over at least 2 years allows the involved parties a long time collection of valuable data for system analysis, model evaluation and improvement within the ETCS devepment and other railway related applications.

Details of the project are under NDA. 

The EU-funded CLUG Project stands for "Certifiable Localisation Unit with GNSS". iMAR itself is not a  member of this project and focuses on advanced applicable solutions. CLUG started in January 2020 and will last two years.

iNAT-RQT is a series of INS/GNSS systems with outstanding performance regarding position, velocity, attitude /heading, angular rate, acceleration and according standard deviation, together with highly precise time stamping of data and huge internal data storage capability as well as data output in real-time.  



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