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iSSMC-HC: Heave Compensation and Dynamic Positioning for Work Ships

11 February 2014

iSSMC: Sensors, Controllers and Design Support for Heave Compensators and Dynamic Positioning

iMAR provides INS/GNSS based systems for Heave Compensation and Dynamic Control. In a co-operation with a well-known German ship builder iMAR is in process to apply its control and sensor technology as well as its iSSMC control system on offshore service vessels for wind mill maintenance and service applications.

The picture shows the dynamic docking and heave compensation (i.e. keeping the working platform at constant height and vertical alignment) of such service vessel at a wind turbine (click on the figure to expand it's size).

The installation of the patented system architecture allows significant higher efficiency of service vessels or wind turbine shuttles, fuel saving due to the usage of light-weight vessels and significant improvement of the safetiness of the service staff. The system contains the inertial and auxilliary sensors, the interfaces to the hydraulic and electric system, the data fusion and control including dynamic positioning and heave / surge / sway / pitch / roll and heading control, the bridge control and alarming system. iMAR also provides consultation in the hydraulic and electric design of the lift and thrusters systems of the vessel incl. a full dynamic system simulation.

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