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Inertial Navigation System without ITAR restrictions: iNAV-FJI

10 May 2011

iMAR launches advanced iNAV-FJI-001-J Inertial Navigation System for LIDAR, Navigation and Guidance Applications

An advanced design of iMAR's wellknown fiber optic gyro based general purpose INS/GNSS navigator iNAV-FJI-001-J is now available. It is fully form-fit-function compatible to iMAR's iNAV-RQH systems (ring laser gyro based with extended bias stability) and iMAR's iNAV-FMS-E-DA with dual antenna GPS for GNSS based heading determination (does not require any export license).

Key advantages of iNAV-FJI-001-J are:

  • lower weight (10 kg) despite of additional features like optional integrated MIL-STD-1553B bus
  • QA2000 grade accelerometers and 0.001 deg/sqrt(hr) FOG
  • no export restrictions for all EU countries, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia; therefore short delivery time possible (also no ITAR)
  • Fully qualified to MIL-STD 810F, MIL-STD 461E, MIL-STD 704D; DO160E for 50 ms hold-over at power drops; usable for aircraft, train, ship, truck navigation etc.
  • no internal vibration isolators, therefore suitable for advanced laser scanning applications due to zero misalignment even under dynamic motion
  • integrated RTK GNSS receiver with 2 cm position accuracy (GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO)

Further informations:

iNAV-FJI-001-J Inertial Navigation System of highest Class of Performance, fiber optic gyro based (simplified export control)

iNAV-FMS-E-DA Inertial Navigation System with Dual Antenna GNSS (no export restrictions)

iNAV-RQH-1003 Inertial Navigation System of highest Class of Performance(laser gyro based, standard ARW)

iNAV-RQH-10018 Inertial Navigation System of highest Class of Performance(laser gyro based, lower ARW)

iNAV System Hardware ICD

Detailed documents are provided in the download area


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