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iVRU-MM-04: Inertial Measurement and AHRS Unit for Aviation and other Applications

31 January 2012

MEMS Based IMU for Surveying and ADAHRS Applications

The iIMU-MM-04 is a MEMS based IMU con­sisting of MEMS gyros of class 10 deg/hr bias stability and 3 accelerome­ter axes of class 2 mg. Major features are:

  • 0.15 deg/sqrt(hr) / 300 µg/sqrt(Hz); short time bias stability at const. temperature (AV) 0.5 °/hr, 0.1 mg.
  • 1’000 Hz and 200 Hz data rate with calibrated data
  • power supply qualified to DO160E; FPGA Firmware and hardware ac­cording to DO254, DAL A.
  • Used for Attitude Heading Reference, Surveying, Guidance & Con­trol Applications
  • iVRU-MM-04: the iIMU-MM-04 is available also with integrated strapdown / AHRS processor, additionally equipped with integrated L1 GPS engine, barometer and 3D magnetometer
  • Also uncalibrated data avail­able
  • RS485 (UART) interface
  • SYNC input for time stamping

The iIMU-MM-04 can be deliv­ered with each 3 gyro and 3 aceler­ometer axes or in the AHRS version (iVRU-MM-04). The IMU is designed for rugge­dized ap­plications on land vehicles, naval ves­sels, helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts. The iIMU-MM-04 / iVRU-MM-04 can be operated at an unregulated wide range power supply (10-34 V DC avccording to DO160E) and is protected against wrong polarity, HIRF, lightning and  over-volt­age up to 80 V. The data output is free running and the data are sent via RS485. Two redundant outputs and power in­puts are available.

The iIMU-MM-04  as well as the iVRU-MM-04 are not subject of export restrictions (also not ITAR affected).

The iIMU-CFM-01 / iVRU-CFM-01 is interface compatible and based on FOG technology.

All iVRU systems can be expanded with an external dual antenna L1l2 GNSS Receiver (for heading aiding under static as well as dynamic conditions).

Further Informations:

Datasheet iVRU-MM-04(15 deg/hr OTR)

Datasheet iVRU-CFM-01(5 deg/hr OTR)

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