iMAR invests in highly advanced GNSS Simulator

28 December 2018

New GNSS Simulator in Operation in iMAR's Development and Production Departments

The SKYDEL GNSS simulation software is known as one of the best solutions for flexible real-time testing of GNSS engines. NOFFZ in Germany now provides a turnkey solution based on the SKYDEL software, a software defined radio, a GPU and the required support electronics. This allows running individual signal simulations in real-time. The integrated Scenario Editor allows free definition of trajectories in up to 6 degrees of freedom. It supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and other optional constellations, differential and RTK GNSS and multi-vehicle simulation, GNSS satellite orbit modification, unlimited pseudorange additive ramps and many things more.

Beside of the simulation, the system also allows to acquire GNSS RF data from test tracks and to use them in a replay mode or even to modify the real-world signals before using them for INS/GNSS system testing. The GNSS simulator can be operated synchronized to iMAR's hexapod motion simulator, which can generate 6 DOF motion for payloads up to 1 ton with up to 1 g and 30 deg roll / pitch / yaw.  

The simulator is used for the iMAR R&D department as well as on the production floor.

The new GNSS simulator enables iMAR to test our data fusion algorithms, the used GNSS engines and our entire systems under GNSS conditions, which had been more difficult so far with standard solutions. 

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