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ADAS Verification Tool: iTraceRT for Automotive Testing

08 June 2012

iMAR's iTraceRT for most accurate Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) testing

iMAR demonstrates the probably most advanced test method for car safety to the international press. The system supports the motion analysis of several vehicles (EGO and ALTER) to verify and optimize advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It contains of one set of iTraceRT-F400, wireless data transmssion between the vehicles and GUI for easy operation. Each driver in each vehicle has access to all data of all vehicles in real-time and all relevant motion and dynamics information is displayed and monitored (e.g. distance and relative velocity between the vehicles, attitude, heading, acceleration and angular rates as well as position with centimeter accuracy). The system is operable on test areas as well as in real world conditions on highways and urban or rural areas. 

Further information:

Publikation in Vision Zero Intl. (June 2012): Real World Measurements (printed article, 2.8 MByte)

Datasheet iTraceRT-MVT Multi Vehicle Tracking for testing advanced driver assistance systems

Publication: iTraceRT-MVT - the ADAS Vehicle Motion Verification Tool

iTraceRT-F400 datasheet

iMAR Navigation: Image Video (2016; 6 MByte)


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