iTraceRT for Vehicle Dynamics and ADAS Testing

Military Vehicles: Navigation, Localization, Guidance & Control

INS/GNSS Systems for Military Vehicles:

From "Support & Logistics" (iSULONA) over "Combat Navigation" (iCOMBANA) up to "Precision Navigation" (iPRENA) all classes of systems for vehicle navigation, localization, guidance and control are manufactured for operation nearly worldwide. 


Solutions for Localization, Guidance and Control of heavy Vehicles

Heavy Trucks, Construction Machineries, Mining: Navigation, Localization, Guidance & Control

INS/GNSS Systems for Heavy Trucks, Mining and Construction Machineries:

The iNAT-M-II / -III / -IV series covers applications, which require highest accuracy and reliability under challenging environmental conditions, where fiber optical or vibrating gyros (MEMS, HRG) are not suitable.

Target Tracking

Gyro Stabilized Target Trackers (EO/IR, EOTS)

iIPSC-MSG: Gyro stabilized Pedestals, gimbals, turrets for electro-optical / infrared payloads (EO/IR) with daylight / night vision cameras, laser ranger, high-speed camera, laser designator (option), energy laser (option), target video tracking (TVT); high motion dynamics capability; designed for easy integration of customized payload, also operable within a set of multiple trackers for tracking fast or difficult targets. 

iMAR's systems can also  replace the 30+ years old so-called cine-theodolites, still in operation on many tracking ranges worldwide.

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