Communication Assistance: Python Client, ROS 2 node, SDK C++, WireShark Dissector for all iMAR systems communicating via iXCOM Protocol

Tools for Easy Communication 

iMAR provides several tools for easy operation of the systems based on the well-known iNAT architecture:

  • iMAR provides a public communication client based on Python scripts (open-source), which allows the user an easy integration into his own application.
  • iMAR provides a ROS 2 node (open source) to assist integration of iAR navigation solutions via ROS 2
  • iMAR provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) for C++ to support easy integration under C++
  • iMAR provides a WireShark dissector to analyse the communication with the iNAT based navigation systems. This tool is found to be helpful if users want to check how e.g. the iMAR GUI iXCOM-CMD communicates with the iNAT based systems. This is sometimes beneficial if the user implements his own command interface for a deeper integration.

Beside of the above mentioned tools, with the HMI (human-machine-interface)  iXCOM-CMD a powerfull graphical user interface (GUI) is available.

All tools, iXCOM-CMD as well as the Python Client, the ROS 2 node, the SDK as well as the WireShark dissector, support all iMAR systems based on the iNAT architecture, i.e. all systems of series iNAT-M300, iNAT-U200, iNAT-FSLG, iNAT-FSSG, iNAT-RQT, iNAT-RQH, iNAT-MSLG, iNAT-CFM, iTraceRT-MVT, iSULONA, iCOMBANA, iPRENA, iCORUS, iATTHEMO, iRail etc.   

Further information:

Link to public Python Client for direct system communication via iXCOM protocol:

Datasheet of iXCOM-CMD: Command software for all inertial measurement systems of iNAT, iTraceRT-MVT, iPRENA, iSULONA, iCOMBANA, iATTHEMO, iCORUS, iRail etc. families 

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Python Interface description

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