iVRU-FC-IGS: Inertial Measurement System for Gun Stabilization

Vertical Reference Unit with Fiber Optic Gyros, MEMS Accelerometers and integrated Strapdown Processor for Weapon Stabilization

With iVRU-FC-IGS a ruggedized vertical reference unit is provided for applications which require high accuracy and simple using.

Hint: For new designs use iNAT-M200 or iNAT-CFM.


  •  Three rate gyros and three accelerometers
  • < 0.003 deg/s bias stability
  • high shock resistance due to FOG / MEMS technology
  • CAN / RS232 / RS422 / Analog / HDLC interfaces (options)
  • Sync Input / Triiger Output available
  • Integrated L1 GPS receiver as option
  • Odometer interface as option
  • Navigation and Guidance

iVRU-FC is a triaxial system with three orthogonal mounted rugged fiber optic gyroscopes, three ultra ruggedised MEMS accelerometers and an integrated powerful micro-processor with 16 bit sensor data digitalisation to provide digital data transmission (CAN, RS232, RS422) and extended internal error modelling. As an option also analog output data can be provided. As a further optionan internal GPS / magnetometer can be provided as well as a speed sensor interface to achieve higher performance also in difficult environment. Interfaces for platform stabilisation are available on request. The system is qualifyed according to MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461E incl. 50 ms hold-over for power drops according to DO160E. The units are available with and without mounting flange (option -FF).

With iVRU-FQ a version with higher performance servo accelerometers is available.

Further informations:

Datasheet iVRU-FC-IGS
Datasheet iVRU-FQ
Datasheet iVRU-FQ for Missile Warning Applications
Datasheet iVRU-SNC in MEMS gyro technology
Datasheet iVRU-SNQ in MEMS gyro technology

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