iNAV-RQH: Inertial Gyro Navigation System (ring laser gyro based), 0.001 deg/sqrt(hr)

Ring Laser Gyro Based INS/GNSS Systems of Highest Performance for Tasks in Surveying, Navigation, Guidance and Control




It is replaced by the products  iNAT-RQT and iNAT-RQH



iNAV-RQH is an INS product family for inertial navigation and dynamically motion analysis with laser gyros that covers applications which require highest accuracy, reliability and an open interface to the user. iNAV-RQH consists of three high precision ring laser gyroscopes, three servo accelerometers (Q-Flex) and a powerful strapdown processor. As an option the modular designed system provides internal or external (RTK)GPS receiver, up to 3 odometers, external triggers and analog inputs.

Possible outputs are Ethernet, RS232/422, SDLC/HDLC, CAN, MIL-STD1553B Bus or analog as well as internal data storage on up to 16 GByte silicon-disk. Furthermore application specific interfaces can be realized on request. Data processing (strap-down algorithms, global or local navigation, north-seeking or motion monitoring and control) inside of the measuring system is as well possible as data transmission of pure or corrected raw data.

The system iNAV-RQH is available for general purpose applications as well as for dedicated missions on land, at sea for naval applications, for underwater AUV missions (with interfaces for DVL and CTD) and in the air.

With iNAV-RQT-1003 a compatible system is available, also based on RLG (ring laser gyro) technology, which is not covered by ITAR and which is not export restricted within the usage of the European Community, USA, Japan, Canada and Australia.

Further information:

Datasheet of iNAV-RQH-1001: 300 Hz, 0.0012 deg/sqrt(hr)
Datasheet of iNAV-RQH-10018: 300 Hz, 0.0018 deg/sqrt(hr)
Datasheet of iNAV-RQH-1003: 300 Hz, 0.0025 deg/sqrt(hr)
Datasheet of iNAV-RQH-0018: 2'000 Hz, 0.0018 deg/sqrt(hr)
Datasheet of iNAV-RQH-003: 2'000 Hz, 0.0025 deg/sqrt(hr)

Datasheet of iNAT-RQT-4003: 400 Hz, 0.005 deg/sqrt(hr)

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