iNAT-U200/RLD Ultra Light Weight INS for Navigation, Surveying & Control (500 Hz)

Ultra Low Weight & Small Size Economic Cost MEMS Based INS/GNSS Systems

iNAT-U200 is a family of ultra light weight small-size accurate MEMS based IMS of class 2.5 deg/hr / 0.1 mg (AllanVariance bias stability), consisting of 3 robust MEMS gyro axes and 3 MEMS accelerometer axes, integrated multi-frequencies/multi-constellations GNSS Receiver (simultanuously GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU; L1 & L2 RTK), wheel sensor interface and an advanced 42+ state Kalman filter based INS/GNSS data fusion, which allows also the aiding by odometer.

The architecture of the iNAT systems allows also the aiding with any external position / velocity / time stamp / standard deviation data, e.g. obtained from machine vision, DVL or any aplication based aiding sensors.

The iNAT series is used for navigation, guidance and control of vehicles, stabilization of platforms, surveying reference as ground truth etc. in the fields of industrial, automotive, airborne, marine, railway surveying, train control, agriculture, surveying, defense and space applications.

Due to its ultra-robust design, iNAT-U200 is even used for extreme applications.

The iNAT-U200 is available in 4 different versions:

  1. iNAT-U200/RLD-OEM-DA: unhoused OEM version for system integrators, which like to integrate the system directly into their electronics or sensor compartment. This version has only 50 grams weight and includes a full strapdown INS/GNSS/ODO/XX navigator with RTK and dual-antenna capability.
  2. iNAT-U200/RLD-M-DA: same capabilities as the unit described under a), but with a sturdy enclosure and connectors compatible to the series iNAT-M200 (due to the smaller size not all signals of the iNAT-M200 are supported). The system is EMI/EMC protected and has an integrated overvoltage protection.
  3. iNAT-U200/RLD-CB-DA: same capabilities as the unit described under a), but with a sturdy enclosure and connectors fully compatible to the series iVRU-CB-M. The system is EMI/EMC protected and has an integrated overvoltage protection.
  4. Customized versions: We can deliver the system inside of any enclosure the customer requests. Ask our technical sales for further information!

The entire range of the members of the iNAT family regarding performance and technology from economic to high-end can be found here: 

Link to the entire iNAT system family


  • Made and qualified for nearly all applications: GNSS aided navigation (air, land, sea, subsea), attitude heading reference (AHRS), surveying, UAV, AUV and RPV guidance & control, dead-reckoning navigation etc.
  • Real-time data output: longitude, latitude, alttude / height, velocity, roll, pitch, yaw / heading, angular rates, acceleration, status; also calibrated INS/GNSS/ODO raw data available at high data rate (e.g. for post-processing)
  • Interfaces: RS422 & RS232 (UART) Interfaces, CANaero / ARINC825 / CAN / CANopen, Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP), SYNC-I/Os, Odometer (opto-coupler input 3.5 ... 30 V, A/B quadrature signals)
  • Data output rate up to 500 Hz (each data log separately adjustable)
  • Minimum latency and minimum jitter on all data output
  • Measurement range choseable (factory set):
    • standard range:+/-490 deg/s, +/-8 g
    • -HRR / high range rate: +/-2000 deg/s, +/-8 g -
    • -HRA / high range accel: +/-490 deg/s, +/-40 g
    • -HRR-HRA / high rage rate and high range accel: +/-2000 deg/s, +/-40 g
    • -LRR / low range rate: +/- 120 deg/s

  • Inertial Sensor Performance: see datasheets
  • Integrated 42+ state tightly or loosley or deeply coupled data fusion
  • Internally up to 128 GByte non-volatile memory for data storage
  • Dual-antenna GNSS Version to support heading determination also during initial standstill condition.
  • Connectors: and all other features: see datasheets and ICD
  • iNAT-U200 is neither ITAR nor export controlled.

Further information:

Datasheet iNAT-U200/RLD-OEM-DA (unhoused version)

Datasheet iNAT-U200/RLD-M-DA (with "iNAT-M200" compatible enclosure, but shorter and lighter weight)

Datasheet iNAT-U200/RLD-CB-DA (with "iVRU-CB-M" compatible enclosure)


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