iMAR's Leading Inertial Products and Solutions for all Applications (INS/GNSS + X)

Sub-Decimeter INS/GNSS based Localization & Timing & Communication Systems

iMAR Navigation GmbH, a German company, is a well-known specialist and innovator in leading inertial systems and solutions for more than 30 years. With our extensive long-time experience in production, development, maintenance and support of inertial systems for positioning, navigation, surveying, guidance, stabilization, control and communication (PNT/PNTC) we provide leading systems and solutions destined to a wide range of applications, for unmanned and manned platforms, in industrial, automotive, aerospace, geodetic and defence environment, from stock or as customized solution.

iMAR is manufacturing according to military, industrial and aerospace quality standards. Our facilities are certified according to ISO 9001 / EN 9100 and EASA Part21G. Our extensive in-house calibration and test lab covers full product qualification including motion, temperature, vibration & shock and EMI/EMC according to military and industrial standards.

Each iNAT system contains the inertial sensors, the GNSS engine, the external interfaces, the most precise timing reference, the powerful FPGA for synchronization purposes, the power conditioning, the EMI/EMC filtering and the extended sensor data fusion, which is implemented on an integrated powerful multi-core microprocessor in a real-time environment.
The open interfaces to external aiding sensors like external GNSS, airdata, DVL, LiDAR, magnetometer etc. allow the integration of the iNAT systems into nearly all applications.

The output of the iNAT system provides all processed result data in real-time as well as sensor and timing raw data. The iNAT systems can be integrated via the published iXCOM protocol directly by the applicant. With iXCOM-CMD, also a mighty HMI software is available for system configuration, operation (incl. map visualization) and data download. It also contains a useful wizard for installation support and also play-back capabilities, e.g. for the purpose of data analyzis.

With iPosCAL a software is available for powerful INS/GNSS/ODO + X  sensor data fusion post-processing.

The linked pdf gives a general overview over the offered range of INS/GNSS solutions based on iMAR's unique iNAT architecture.

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