iLIANE: LiDAR aided Navigation Equipment

Robust, self-sufficient localization for vehicles also in GNSS denied environment

With iLIANE iMAR provides a setup for navigation and localization in GNSS denied environment. The system provides the optical system (LiDAR), the inertial system (iNAT), the data processor, the processing software, the power conditioning.
Due to the sensor setup, iLIANE works in both day-light and night environ-ment with the same performance. It s used for both to navigate within a 3D map without any need of GNSS and also to support the generation of a 3D map. Navigation without as well as with GNSS is supported.
iLIANE features:
  • small size, highly robust, easy to use
  • operable on each vehicle’s roof
  • internal LiDAR, IMU, GNSS receiver (all-frequencies / all-constellations, SBAS & RTK support, single and dual antenna support), wheel sensor interface
  • available with all class of INS performance, from MEMS over FOG to RLG based systems of series iNAT (commercial / industrial) and iSULONA / iPRENA (defence / protection)
  • excellent accuracy also in operation without any GNSS and without any wheel sensor – 0.1 … 0.5 % distance travelled.
  • Automatic map generation and capability to use this map during future travls. Map referencing capability to a definable Reference Frame (WGS84, ETRS89, UTM)
  • Capability to improve and adapt previous generated maps with each following travel 

The accuracy without GNSS aiding is about 0.1 ... 0.5 % of distance travelled.

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Datasheet iLIANE LiDAR aided Navigation Equipment for GNSS denied environment

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