iRailLoc-C: Advanced Train Localization and Communication System

Sub-Decimeter Localization & Timing & Communication System for all kinds of local & high speed Passenger Trains, Freight Trains and Trams

iRailLoc-C is a member of the advanced iNAT system family (iMAR Navigation and Timing) and is specially designed to the needs of modern train positioning, localization and operation up to ATO (automatic train operation). It provides the required PNTC features (positioning, navigation, timing & communication), all in one box, designed according to the relevant European railway standards regarding EMI/EMC, power supply and environmental impacts.The architecture of the iNAT systems allows also the aiding with any external position / velocity / time stamp / standard deviation data, e.g. obtained from machine vision, DVL or any aplication based aiding sensors.

iRailLoc-C provides the relevant motion and position data for train location, train guidance and train control tasks and provides also open interfaces to auxiliary sensors on demand. All kinematic measurements like acceleration, angular rate, attitude, true heading, velocity and position of the rail vehicle are provided in real-time incl. timestamp and standard deviation with a data update rate of up to 500 Hz.

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Datasheet iRailLoc-C

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