iIPSC-LSG: High Resolution Inertial Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount or Electro/Optics EOTS (Pan-Tilt Module)

Four Axes Gimbaled Platform Series iIPSC-LSG for VIS/IR/LRF E/O (Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount)

Direct drive brushless servo motors combined with direct drive high resolution encoders are ensuring the precise and smooth tracking of the iIPSC-LSG. The system is fully sealed. The selected materials are corrosion resistant and surface treated to withstand harsh land based, airborne or shipboard environmental conditions. The basic instrument can be adapted to specific applications by the addition of optional equipment or features. iMAR Navigation GmbH, located in Germany, is manufacturer and system integrator of the iIPSC-LSG and therefore also offers customized solutions.


  • Four-axes stabilized payload platform for highest angular stabilization: azimuth and elevation axes for LOS (line-of-sight) control (Pan-Tilt)
  • Payload: Daylight or µLight Camera, IR camera (3-5 µm or 15 µm) and LRF (laser range finder).   
  • Adaptable to different and multiple sensors due to customized mounting tray; balanced payload up to 8 kg or tbd
  • Direct torque drives for highest resolution, negligible hysteresis and very high angular stabilization performance
  • optical slipring as an option, gold plated sliprings standard
  • Upper electronic compartment in customer specific design / geometry
  • Available Control Devices: iSCU Stabilisation and Control Unit incl. iOET² Video Target Tracker, iJP Joystick Panel, INS/GPS control and blind pointing feature
  • Designed to operate in harsh environment on trucks, aircrafts and under naval conditions in head-up or overhead configuration


  • The inner payload platform can be replaced with a roll axis assembly enabling 3 DOF platform stabilization 
  • iOET² Opto Electronic Target Tracking for Auto Tracking, (with multi target capability and fast 50 measurements / second), EOTS
  • Geo-referencing with integrated INS/GPS positioning
  • Spring isolated base plate to filter high frequency disturbance from the instrument.

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