iMAR Navigation: iDAGOS Dual Antenna True Heading Output
True North / True Heading Providing System

iDAGOS: Miniature True North related Heading Reference by Dual Antenna GNSS

iDAGOS: True North related Heading based on Dual Antenna GNSS

iDAGOS is a miniaturized dual-antenna GNSS compass to provide true heading with up to 20 Hz. It is made for applications which require reliable performance in a small package and simple usage.


  • True Heading with up to 20 Hz data rate due to Dual Antenna GNSS, using L1L2 GPS
  • WGS84 position & velocity with up to 20 Hz as an option
  • RS422, CAN and USB interface
  • PPS output for synchronization
  • Odometer interface as option
  • used for naval, airborne and land applications

Further information:

Datasheet iDAGOS True Heading GNSS Based Sensor

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